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Apple Earned More Than Google Play In 2015

Google Play

Google Play v App Store

App Annie reported that Apple’s App store generated more revenue than Google Play last year. App Annie is an analytics company based in San Francisco, California.

The company stated that Apple’s music and video streaming consumers also increased. In part, according to App Annie, the reason for this boom is Apple’s aggressive infiltration of the Asian market which includes India and China. China was the biggest contributor as the percentage of downloads increased by 20 percent in 2015’s last quarter when compared to that of 2014.

About this the report stated that Google needs to work on its strategy in order to compete with Apple and it needs to help the developers of the Android market to increase their profits.

Regardless of that the App Store also generated the most revenue as compared to the Android store Google Play. It earns almost 75% more money than the Play Store. This number has increased by 5% over 2014. The downloads via Google Play also increased to almost a 100% rate last year when compared to similar figures for iOS. Google also saw almost two times the app downloads from its Play Store than Apple did from the Application Store. Google Play’s growth in downloads was considered to be the result of increased usage in emerging markets of the world in countries like Turkey, India, Indonesia etc. also, the figures for the games and applications seems to be similar to the reported levels in 2014.

However, these figures should be taken with a pinch of salt as they are a result of limited data. Google Play figures for China are not included in this report and only about 1 million applications are tracked. This means that all of Apple’s first party applications are not differentiated between despite having a strong presence worldwide. YouTube is listed as a popular application for iOS but is not included in Android’s top ten applications as it is included with Android.

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