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Apple Design Awards

Apple Design Awards

Apple Design Awards

The Apple Design Awards is one of the annual events at WWDC that provides Apple with an opportunity to acknowledge the accomplishments of developers over the past year.  This event celebrates the design accomplishments of Apple Developers.

With app downloads numbering in the billions it’s easy to imagine the stiff competition that exists for the distinction that the Apple Design Awards bring. Apple is a magnet for talent as this event will demonstrate.

Some of the Previous winners include:

  • Starry Night Backyard
  • Flight Control HD Comic Life
  • Transmit
  • iSale
  • Pixelmator
  • Delicious Library
  • Macnification
  • Things
  • Paper
  • Infinity Blade
  • Monument Blade
  • Threes
  • Procreate

The criteria requires that the winning apps be delightful, innovative, state of the art, engaging, enabling, and well designed.

Two student design award winners were chosen from the Apple Scholarship winners. The winners in this category were as follows.

Elementary minute by  Klemen Strasser

An engaging fast paced trivia quiz game for iPad and Apple Watch.

Jump O by Gabriel Mathias Rocha and Victor Lappas Giménez

Tap and device motion is utilized in this fun game.  Easy to learn but hard to master.

The ten winners are as follows:

ShadowMatic by Triada Studio

Very clever and engaging game of shadow puzzles where you rotate objects to cast a shadow and you need to guess what the shape is to solve the puzzle.  It utilizes device motion and includes objects and an ambient sound track.

Metamorphabet by Vectorpark, Inc.

An education app that utilizes an exploratory design and smooth animation to manipulate letters to create animated objects.  This app cleverly builds a child’s vocabulary in an engaging and interesting way.

Robinhood by Robin Hood Markets

This app allows you to buy stocks for free.  View stock data with no memberships. This app let you do simulated trades. Signup for real trades.  Personal data is protected.  For iPhone and Apple Watch.

Affinity Designer by Serif Labs

This fast, smooth vector graphics application for the Mac supports pixel mode and layers.  It utilizes Open GL & Core Graphics and provides super fast rendering.

Crossy Road by Hipster Whale Pty Ltd.

This fun to play iPhone hopper arcade like game is challenging.  Move your character across lanes of traffic. Fun to play.

Fantastical 2 by Flexibits, Inc.

A beautiful, super fast productivity app. A feature rich calendar that makes it easy to ad events or reminders.  It uses a natural language parser that works in the 9 localized languages it supports. Enter data from menu, Multiple calendar sets, activate cal by location. It offers action and share extensions. For Mac, IPhone, Pad and Apple Watch

Workflow  by Desk Connect, Inc.

A powerful accessibility app with advanced voice over for visually impaired users to access apps and create new workflows.  Supports iPad iPhone

Does Not Commute  by Mediocre AB

A fun, strategic driving game with a lot of depth and challenges. It uses a custom-built graphics engine optimized for iOS. It’s very addictive.

Vainglory by Super Evil Megacorp

Incredibly visual, graphically rich, state of the art game with effects that excite.  High performance rendering utilizing Metal.

Pacemaker by Pacemaker Music AB

A personal music mix creation app. Create your mix, add effects, merge tracks, analyzes beats, add white noise, apply filters.  For iPhone, and Apple Watch

Congratulations to these talented developers. Check them out in the iTunes Store.

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