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Apple AirPods Customer Satisfaction Is At 98%

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

In a survey conducted by Experian, it was found that customers really like their Apple AirPods.  The customer satisfaction levels were measured to be at 98%.  The breakdown is 82% very satisfied plus 16% satisfied for a total of 98%.  

This may be surprising to some since there was a fair share of negative comments regarding the AirPods early on.  The design was not well received initially. Pricing was also a pain point. This coupled with low supplies when launched made it appear that this was going to be a challenge for Apple.  With the availability of AirPods no longer an issue, enough time has passed to be able to perform such a survey. The news is in and it appears to be good. A satisfaction level of 98% is a testament to the quality built into AirPods.

The Survey

So what are the key drivers that we can attribute to this high level of customer satisfaction? Her are the specific points raised in the survey:

  • The time it takes to charge AirPods
  • Design of AirPods case
  • Bluetooth pairing process with iPhone
  • Battery life
  • Comfort
  • Secure fit in ears (e.g AirPods don’t fall out

The following chart shows how AirPods scored on all of these points.

Apple’s AirPods are an interesting product. They have excellent sound quality and a charging case. They also have a replacement policy in place for one or both AirPods in the event they are lost.


There has been some speculation about extending the use of AirPods as a medical monitoring device. Specifically, glucose monitoring. If Apple chooses to add sensors one could utilize their AirPods to collect health data. Specifically, blood sugar levels for Diabetics.  The ear is an excellent site for collecting health data so this makes perfect sense.  Whether or not this will happen is pure speculation at this point. We published an article about this a couple of weeks ago and we will be keeping an eye on this and let you know what we find out.

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