App Store Services Down

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Update: The problem with App Store services being down has apparently been addressed at about 10:30 AM.Users experienced a problem with multiple iCloud services. I did not experience this myself, but for those of us who did, you should no longer be having difficulties with any of the services connected to the store.

Earlier this morning:

There have been reports this morning of Siri not playing music when asked to do so.  Commands like the following produced no response.

  • Play song X
  • Play song X by 
  • Play song from my music

App Store Services Down

What appears to have actually happened is a system-wide outage.

Apple reports system status since about 6:40 AM, Tuesday, July 21 showing the following:

Effecting all Apple Store Services—Users are experiencing a problem with the services listed below.

  • App Store Apple Music
  • Apple TV
  • I Book Store
  • iTunes in the cloud
  • iTunes Match
  • iTunes U
  • Mac App Store
  • OS X Software Update
  • Radio
  • Volume Purchase Program

Apple says it is only affecting some users and they are investigating the issue and will update the status  Customers are being asked to contact Apple support if their issue is not included in the list.  We will keep an eye on this today and post an update as more information becomes available.  

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