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AnyTrans, The Swiss Army Knife Of File Transfer

AnyTrans, File Transfer, iOS and Mac, data, iTunes

Problems With File Transfer

With larger storage capacities on iPhones, I found that we tend to not backup as often as we should since we have this false sense of security that plenty of storage gives us. We see our files on the phone every day and all is well—until it’s not. The ability to perform a file transfer between iOS and Mac is not without problems, especially when there is a lot of data. Let’s not forget that iTunes and iCloud can effectively migrate data between iOS devices, but there are inherent weaknesses. Transfer speed is one.  It’s sloooow and it cannot transfer all files.

I was trying to back up my wife’s iPhone since she never deletes anything and it was running dangerously close to running out of memory. Too late, the backup kept failing in iTunes. Nothing got transferred and my wife’s phone was basically packed with a lot of precious photos and videos that we could not get off her iPhone.

AnyTrans To The Rescue

About a week later I came across AnyTrans from iMobie and just in the nick-of-time. My wife’s iPhone had no room for system or app updates and it was running sluggishly. I feared it was just a matter of time before it really failed and precious files were lost.

I was able to move everything off of my wife’s iPhone within a reasonable amount of time.  The iPhone’s folder structure and all the contents made it safely over to our Mac Mini.

I downloaded AnyTrans to my Mac and connected her iPhone.

AnyTrans, File Transfer, iOS and Mac, data, iTunes

After unlocking the iPhone and “Trusting” my computer, I was set to go.

AnyTrans, File Transfer, iOS and Mac, data, iTunes


From the Device Manager, you can choose what you want to do.

AnyTrans, File Transfer, iOS and Mac, data, iTunes

You can choose specific file types to transfer.

AnyTrans, File Transfer, iOS and Mac, data, iTunes

Or move the entire contents of the iPhone.

AnyTrans, File Transfer, iOS and Mac, data, iTunes

AnyTrans proved to be worthy of my time to write about it and share the news with our readers. I LOVE THIS APP! AnyTrans helped me out of my particular dilemma in short order but exploring the app further revealed just how versatile this app really is.


  • Need to transfer data from your old phone or iPad to your new one, no problem.
  • Want to move your files from your iOS device to your computer (Mac or Windows), no problem.
  • Need to move files from your computer to your iOS device, done deal.
  • Want to merge content between iPhones or iPads, Got it covered.
  • You can move everything or select particular categories of data to move.
  • You can also manage your data on iCloud or sync data between iCloud accounts.
  • Create automatic Air Backups and schedule automatic backups over wifi to your computer.
  • Move Android phone data to iPhone, iCloud or iTunes.
  • You can also sync data from iTunes Library to iPhone or your computer, and there’s more.

An Alternative To iTunes and iCloud

AnyTrans offers a versatile, flexible, speedy alternative to iTunes and iCloud. Basically one-click moves everything and gives you the freedom to selectively choose which data to transfer. It transfers without deleting any existing data. So data and files from multiple devices can be safely and seamlessly combined.

I don’t usually throw bouquets but iMobie has the solution to any iOS data transfer woes one may have.

Check it out here.

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