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iOS 9 Bug For POP Email Accounts

iOS 9 Bug

iOS 9 Bug For POP Email Accounts

Following the release of Apple’s latest operating system, iOS  9, to consumers on September 16, few users with POP email accounts have been complaining about an apparent iOS 9 bug that has inconvenienced users when opening their emails having attachments. A considerably lengthy thread can be seen discussing this matter on Apple’s forums, which has, at this moment, over 200 replies from vexed users who are facing this issue.

It is seen that this issue persists in all sorts of Apple devices as customers with different gadgets are receiving an error message saying “Message not yet downloaded from server” when an email with an attachment is tried to open. This  problem is not only affecting the new or current emails but also older emails of users having POP email accounts.

Presently, the only way to restore the normal functioning is to either download a new Email App (third party application) from the App Store or to switch off your internet and view the previously downloaded e-mails. However, images will not be viewable with the latter solution.  Simply deleting the email account and adding it back does not seem to do the trick either.

The Cupertino-based company’s engineering team replied to one user, stating that the email issue occurs only when an email account has been set to remove a copy of emails from the server. This suggests that the issue is probably a bug rather than an undocumented intended feature. And even then the issue is only partially solved with Sent Mails and Trash remaining inaccessible.

“This issue usually starts if one of the devices/computers that was setup with this email account has been configured to remove a copy of emails on the server. If this is the case, the customer will need to check the settings of all the devices and computers that are running this email account.

iOS leaves messages on the POP3 server by default. iOS never stores email permanently, whether POP3 or IMAP. If they are removed from the server by another device then this issue can occur.

A test that you may want to do to confirm this is to have the customer produce the error by opening one affected mail on the iOS device, and then locate that specific email on his webmail. If not found, then the device is behaving as expected. If found, please try to forward it to the same mailbox and see if the same issue occurs.”

Even though this problem has been irking users since iOS 9 was released still Apple has not fixed it in either iOS 9.0.1 or 9.0.2, the only  bug fix patches that have been released since iOS 9. It remains uncertain if iOS 9.1, the soon to be released major update to iOS 9, will fix the issue. What comes as a surprise is the fact that the tech giant has not commented on whether some fix is planned or if this whole ordeal is the result of something intentional.

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