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Among the general public of today, monitoring the children has gotten to be central, particularly in the situation that you have to find them in the event of a crisis. Knowing where your children are in the happening of a crisis can be made less demanding utilizing the Android parental control app.

It’s conceivable to run over the edge of innovation for the sake of security. Though, that is not the relationship, which you need to develop with your child. You will probably bring up children who are at last equipped for dealing with themselves on the planet. You are required to believe them to make the best decision, regardless of the possibility that they may commit a few errors. In my psyche, these devices are the same as preparing wheels—brilliant and valuable when required. In the situation that you are utilizing an Android tracking application, you’re ready to find precisely where your kid/s are. There is no compelling reason to call the cell phone, and possibly urge them to be not exactly honest about their whereabouts. Let’s investigate how the Android parental monitoring app functions.

How Does The Android Parental Control Apps Work?

Android, which is the Google’s working framework for cell phones, was made as another option to the about omnipresent Apple iPhone OS, Windows Mobile, and Nokia’s Symbian OS. Android is an open source working framework permitting a huge number of applications keep running on an Android cell phone. It is almost difficult to concoct some capacity that isn’t possible on an Android telephone, the length of you have the privilege app. An Android GPS tracking application utilizes the telephones possess GPS usefulness to find the telephone, and therefore the client. After buying and establishment, the client accesses a site that permits remote tracking of the cell phone. The Android area tracker is redesigned progressively, so you will dependably know where your children are.

This kind of Android tracker may seem like the subject of sci-fi film plots. However, the landing of Android and the ease of these kinds of apps make sci-fi a reality. Presently, any concerned parent can track their kid’s area utilizing affordable and exact Android GPS tracker. These apps can expel any worries you may have about the telephone clients area whenever. There are many options available in the market but the one worth trying is FamilyTime.

Using the app parents can get a number of controls including:

  • Mirroring contacts
  • Monitoring call logs
  • Track SMS history
  • Watchlisting contacts
  • Check the list of installed apps
  • Track usage frequency
  • Blacklisting unwanted apps
  • Allowing specific time for an app usage
  • Track internet usage & web-history
  • Monitoring  bookmarks
  • Allowing Specific hours for the device usage on a weekly or daily basis
  • Scheduling auto screen locks
  • Remotely locking the phone
  • Setting speed limits
  • Receiving over-speed, sos and PickMeUp alerts
  • Tracking location in real time and past history
  • Geo-fencing important places

And the list goes on. There are many other features that empower parents to take control such as blacklisting unwanted or inappropriate apps, teen safe drive options, speed limits, Watchlisting contacts etc. So, give this app a try for free and explore the app yourself. To download the app, go now to the app store on your phone.

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