Amazon Prime Video Set To Challenge Netflix

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

It looks like Amazon found a new calling, bringing a rivalry to domestic video services. Given their service history, Amazon Prime Video service might be one to talk about soon.

As of now, Prime Video does seem to make a strong game with its quick and facilitated beginning. Along with Amazon’s history, it does have a fair chance of getting the public in its favor. However, it doesn’t entirely live up to the expectations, let alone being on par with Netflix. For example, it hasn’t given people a few ongoing famous series. Though it does provide a package of $8.99 per month, a similar cost to Netflix’s packages. They both attempt to bring to viewers the best quality streaming possible, and focusing on presentation was undoubtedly hard on both sides’ profits. Amazon did modify it’s own services and offered Amazon Prime video cost as a monthly,  instead of an annual service to cope with its Prime Video service, possibly aiding in its overall success. But trying to rival Netflix right off the bat seems reckless, somewhat.

Despite the huge and large-scale expenses of both sides, Netflix seems to have the upper hand. Speaking realistically, Amazon’s Prime Video could’ve gone much better since the current locations are very limited, especially when seen next to Netflix, while only existing in a countable number of areas. Netflix, on the other hand, has prospered a lot more and spread its services in about 130 countries so far and is providing users with increased and more popular content. Especially noting the short time Netflix utilized to populate their name and service, it seems like Netflix is currently the winner in this conflict. Netflix, having launched its app services on various platforms like the PlayStation 4 as well, will likely remain at the top even with the given time, and Prime Video might fall to just being a secondary service.

Launching the Prime Video service could be considered a clever maneuver, but for the widespread facility of Netflix, alongside its early launch, it could most likely profit a lot more than Prime Video, the latter being prevented from expanding easily. Amazon is one individual facility, so starting a different service would be rougher on the company’s prosperity than it would be if the primary service was broadened and improved in any way possible. Netflix started off earlier but also primarily as a video service. It’d make sense for it to be more popular among the two.

The rivalry will continue, though. If Amazon can attain the public interest soon enough, they can stand at Netflix’s level, probably at most. Whether or not the Prime Video service will prosper is probably not a question one can ponder over as of yet. If Amazon can even its odds in time, only then can a better judgment be made?

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