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Amazon Go: Grocery Shopping Without Checkout Lines

Amazon Go

Amazon Go: Grocery Shopping

Amazon just made life so much easier for shoppers. Amazon has introduced a new service called Amazon Go.  This service eliminates the long checkout lines at the cash register.  A customer can now just buy stuff and walk out of the store without the hassle of checkout lines.

Amazon is testing the service at a grocery store in Seattle.

How the app works

Amazon Go not only uses sensors but also machine learning and artificial intelligence to  keep track of items a customer picks. The service loads a virtual cart with the items that the user selects . If a customer picks up an item but later decides that he does not want to buy it, placing the item back on the shelf will also remove it from the virtual cart. The store also has handmade foods such as salads and sandwiches.

When a customer enters the store, he taps his phone on a turnstile. This allows the user to access the store’s network. It also allows the user to connect to their amazon account.

When the customer leaves the store the app calculates the total bill and charges it to the customer’s Amazon account.

According to Food marketing expert Phil Lempert the technology “is amazing”. Phil is even more interested in the images of “meal kits” shown in the amazon video.

According to Lempert “When you look at the store itself in the video (and presumably it is the actual store), they have done a great job of merchandising, and having “meal kits” available is simply brilliant. As the meal-kit industry struggles due to the shipping/logistics aspect.”

According to Amazon, work on the project started in 2012. It is currently being tested by Amazon employees at the location near Amazon offices in Seattle. Amazon will open the store to public in early 2017.

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