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Amazing Advantages of Instagram Analytics for Your Marketing Campaigns in 2019

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You need to assess and analyze the overall success of your Instagram marketing and promotion campaign Instagram to create a much greater impact. It is a good idea to effectively use Instagram Analytics for tracking the progress, identifying trends, and evaluating your target audience meticulously.

With the help of Instagram analytics, you would be collecting important data and information about the most frequently used hashtag, the pictures that get maximum interaction, and the best times for posting. These metrics are extremely valuable and provide insight regarding what is going right for you and what you must consider changing or improving. You may even consider using the data effectively to gauge your success vis-à-vis your competitors. Let us explore the advantages of using Instagram Analytics. 

Advantages of Instagram Analytics

Irrespective of whether you are using paid or free analytics tools, you must appreciate the fact that there are numerous advantages offered by Instagram analytics for your business.

Use Social Listening to Connect with Customers

As per, “Social listening tools allow social media managers to monitor platforms like Instagram for specific keywords, hashtags or comments. This allows the social media manager to reply directly to an Instagram user. Social listening is a great way to provide customer support even when the customer may not realize the brand.”

For instance, a social media manager at Amazon responded directly to the queries of some Instagram users who had actually commented on a post recently. The users got the feeling that the brand was actually listening to them, their views, and that really helped create and boost engagement and enhance brand sentiment. Social listening could be used for collecting and re-sharing UGC or User Generated Content. The process would be rewarding customers if they share a brand’s message.

Assured Unbeatable Performance

Instagram analytics provides you important metrics like the posts that are loved by your maximum followers, the time to post, the best days to share content, how well your campaigns such as Like4Like are going, and more. When you have knowledge about these important metrics, you could accordingly tweak your marketing strategy and become an industry stalwart. You could always stay ahead of the competition.

For instance, if you are using data to find out what is the best time to post as your followers would be most active, you could accordingly post and schedule your content for posting automatically at those precise times. So if you have determined that Monday 9 p.m. and Wednesday 5 p.m. are the top posting times, post your content at those specific times only to reach maximum customers. Knowing the most effective way of optimizing your campaign would help you in posting the best content strategically at the definitely most popular times. This way you could achieve success. Another tool, Jarvee is an Instagram bot that performs a variety of automation tasks.

Understand What Content Actually Reverberates With Your Engagement Analytics

As with all marketing campaigns, while trying to come up with an exceptional customer experience, you must understand habits, motivations, likes, and dislikes. Instagram analytics could help marketers in providing valuable insights for ensuring that the shared content would prove to be appealing to customers.

Understand Your Precise Target Audience

Instagram analytics would be breaking down metrics as per demographics. This implies you could determine data based on factors such as age, gender, language, location, etc. If you could gather detailed information, you would be able to understand your target audience much better. Instagram analytics comes into the picture to provide important and in-depth information about the interests and online buying behavior of your followers. This sort of valuable data could prove to be beneficial in customizing or custom tailoring your content specifically for the demographics you actually wish to reach.


You must plan your strategy and campaign purposefully. Planning a successful marketing campaign would necessitate a thorough understanding of growth periods, trends, and patterns in your campaigns. You could use Instagram analytics for comparing growth over different time periods that allow you to get in-depth knowledge of what things you were doing right during the peak periods in your campaign. Remember Instagram analytics would be helping marketers in building profiles for creating outstanding customer experiences.

Author Bio: Kristen Smith is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of Like4Like for her postings.

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