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Am I an Alcoholic? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

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The first step to deal with alcoholism is to admit that you have a drinking problem. Most people start drinking alcohol socially to feel better and forget painful situations. However, if you keep drinking alcoholic beverages every night, chances are you will develop an addiction. Alcohol addiction requires a drug and alcohol treatment center to ensure no distractions with your therapy plan. 

What Is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is the bad habit of drinking many servings of alcoholic beverages within a calendar day. Alcohol drinkers like to reach their optimal buzz when they feel confident about themselves. However, drinking more alcohol can get you used to it and need even more quantities to reach that buzz. 

Alcoholics are people who think about drinking all day and may choose to drink alone or with other friends. Social drinking could lead to alcoholism when you suffer from certain mental health issues. Some people prefer drinking to dealing with these issues effectively.

Many alcoholic drinkers consume alcohol over the limit to prove themselves they can start a romantic relationship. However, this behavior makes them enter the vicious cycle of non-stop drinking. As an alcoholic, you have problems at work and cannot be a reliable partner. Alcoholics’ only concern is finding more alcohol to drink, which is when they develop serious liver damages. 

Experts believe that alcoholism creates a chemical addiction that is easy to deal with, using the right drugs. However, mental addiction is the toughest one to heal. That’s why asking yourself three basic questions could help you identify whether you are an alcoholic or not.

How Many Times During The Day Do You Think About Drinking?

The first question to ask yourself is how many times you normally think about drinking through a typical day. Most healthy alcohol consumers don’t think about drinking until they reach the bar. They have combined alcohol drinking exclusively with meeting friends and family. On the contrary, if you are an alcoholic, you think about drinking alcohol all the time.

The majority of alcoholics drink spirits and other heavy alcoholic drinks alone. They want to have an optimal buzz before they hit the bar to meet their friends. Then they consume even more alcohol to reach their perceived levels of satisfaction. Thinking about drinking alcohol throughout the day is the first evidence to make you worry about being an alcoholic. It’s time to ask for specialized help to stop alcohol consumption immediately and restore your mental and physical health.

How Much Do You Drink?

Most alcohol drinkers only have one or two drinks when going out with friends. If you think you are an alcoholic, you need to ask yourself about the number of heavy drinks you consume throughout the day. Doctors suggest that only two servings of alcohol (30 grams) are allowed throughout the week to keep your liver healthy. 

On the other hand, most alcoholics consume more than five drinks a day. They consume alcohol when going out with friends and when they are at home eating breakfast. Asking yourself to identify the number of drinks you had last week will give you a precise estimate if you are an alcoholic. 

Every alcoholic has denial issues and tries to hide their drinking habits from others. However, if you consume more than two servings of alcohol per day, you should think about attending a rehab center for your treatment. Chances are you are an alcoholic, and you have to deal with it as soon as possible.

Does Your Family Express Concerns About Your Drinking Habits?

People who face problems with alcohol consumption frequently lose touch with their family and friends. If your family or your closest friends observe a change in your behavior and ask you about it, it’s the first sign you have a problem with alcoholism. Close friends may express concerns about your drinking habits and explicitly tell you to stop doing that to yourself.

If such concerns are expressed to you more frequently than in the past, you know you have a problem with alcohol. Drinking more alcohol may deeply affect your behavior towards your kids and family. That’s why listening to their consultation and seeking help is the right thing to do.

Alcoholism is a common addiction in the western world and the first cause of liver damage and death. The sooner you realize you have a problem with alcohol consumption, the better for your health.

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