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Alternative iOS 8 Keyboard ‘QuickBoard’ Lets You Type In Repetitive Text Snippets

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Third-party alternative iOS keyboards will be all the rage in a couple of weeks when iOS 8 launches globally. We have previously covered the radically different Minuum, and today we will be discussing QuickBoard.

alternative ios keyboard quickboard

If you are a heavy user of email and social apps, chances are you regularly type in the same piece of text over and over again. Whether it is your usual way of greeting people, typing in your full address, current location, payment information, signatures or repetitive code snippets. iOS already has a way to deal with this at the moment in the form of Text Shortcuts; QuickBoard takes that to the next level.

Enhanced Text Expansion

QuickBoard comes with a minimal interface. You can choose to input text quickly from these three keyboards that come within QuickBoard:

  1. TextBoard: Used for generic pieces of text. It could be your email signature, blog-post signature, and anything else that suits you.
  2. MeBoard: Represented by a shoulders-above silhouette, the MeBoard automatically fetches your personal contact information from the Contacts app (name, email, company you work for, website URL), and allows you to quickly enter it in web forms and such. QuickBoard will allow you to enter custom personal information in the final release when iOS 8 comes out.alternative ios keyboard quickboard iphone
  3. LocationBoard: This is my favorite of the bunch. After seeking your permission, LocationBoard can automatically pull your current location (using GPS) and allow you to share it with friends and family in the form of Google Maps links, full street addresses, and even longitudinal / latitudinal coordinates.alternative ios keyboard quickboard iphone quick insert current locationWhile most social apps do now allow you to share your location, this can still come handy when you need to send / save location using other apps such as Mail, Notes, Instagram, etc.

QuickBoard is supposed to act as a secondary keyboard. For normal input, you still need another keyboard (could be iOS’ own, or another alternative keyboard) – you simply switch between the two by tapping on the Globe icon next to the Space bar. Be sure to read how to change primary keyboard in iOS 8.

via MacRumors

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