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All You Need to Know About Pure Essential Oils Including Buying Guide

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Some plants comprise miraculous properties in their leaves, bark, roots, or flowers. The essence of these natural compounds is called essential oil. It is basically made up of concentrate and volatile compounds that we get in the form of hydrophobic liquid. The volatile nature of essential oils makes them ideal for aromatherapies. Nowadays, various aromatherapy centers are serving in small and big cities where you can Revive and get a rejuvenating therapeutic session or buy oils to use at home. The therapies of the plant’s essence are currently considered in the category of alternate medicines because more study is required to elaborate on the actual efficiency. Still, millions of people are getting satisfactory results. In order to extract the essence in its volatile form, two types of extraction processes are implemented widely i.e.

  1. Cold Pressing
  2. Water distillation

Both of these processes are meant for retaining maximum compounds present in the plant. The extraction process through these techniques is slower than the other oil extraction techniques. In the end, we get a highly concentrated pure essential oil that has a strong smell and active ingredients.

Most Popular Essential Oils Available in the Market

  1. Eucalyptus oil
  2. Peppermint oil
  3. Tea tree oil
  4. Lavender oil
  5. Chamomile oil
  6. Lemon oil
  7. Rosemary oil

Each essential oil has a different medicinal benefit that you can understand by consulting with an aromatherapist. An essential oils supplier can even provide you with more options than we mentioned above. However, every essential oil seller is not reliable because some of them adulterate their products with synthetic chemicals like methyl salicylate and other toxic elements. It is advisable to choose an essential oil supplier cautiously by considering some important points that we are going to mention below.

How and Where to Buy Essential Oils?

1. Check the brand name status

Do you pay attention to the brand name status before buying essential oil from them? Oils of plant’s essence have no strict quality standards because of the inadequate medicinal property evidence. Therefore, many companies currently present online or at local stores selling countless varieties of essential oil. As we already mentioned above, many companies adulterate natural extracts with harmful chemicals Be aware of these fake products as they can cause serious health issues later. Make sure that the brand name you are preferring has already a good reputation in the locality. Reviews and ratings on credible sites like Yelp and Glassdoor can provide an honest insight to make a final decision.   

2. Clarify the confusion between therapeutic grade and aromatherapy grade

Don’t confuse your mind between therapeutic and aromatherapy grade. They all are the same products. Even it is advisable to avoid such kinds of products because they mislead the customers with influential words that don’t actually matter in the real world. Decorative descriptions mean the company is trying to influence your buying decision with fake promises.

3. Packing quality

Essential oil is volatile in nature, thus, you need to pay special attention to the packing quality. When you buy essential oils, make sure that glass instead of plastic is used for bottling. Also, prefer dark glass bottles as they protect the natural essence from the direct sunlight impact.

4. Avoid solvent-extracted oils

We have already mentioned cold-pressed and water distillation processes of essential oil extraction. If the oil you are ordering is processed by solvents like hexane and alcohol, don’t buy it.

5. Read allergic warnings

Oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, and other plants are not suitable for everyone. It is advisable to contact an aromatherapist for suggestions before buying organic essential oils.

Appropriate use of essential oil can provide relief from various physical mental health issues. However, you should be aware of its dodge quantity and quality concerns before placing the order.

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