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Alcohol and Vaping: What You Need to Know?

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Before vaping gained traction, old-fashioned drinking was the only standard way of alcohol consumption. Currently, alcohol consumption through vaporization is considered much more pleasurable. It’s, therefore, no coincidence that more novel ways to get drunk while avoiding the taste of alcohol are highly on the rise.

According to the latest trends on alcohol consumption, vaping comes out on top among the most loved consumption methods. The practice, which mainly involves the use of alcohol vaporizers, is common in young adults. Here the alcohol undergoes a heating process to produce vapor. You can also pour it over dry ice to generate inhalable steam.

What Are Alcohol Vaporizers

Most alcohol vaporizers work like the vaping devices you’ll find on The vaporizers utilize hard liquor and heat it through pressurization. This converts the liquid into a mist that you can quickly inhale. In other places, people use asthma inhalers or homemade vaporizing devices.

Alcohol vaporizers have one unique ability: they get you buzzed fast compared to the traditional means of alcohol consumption. The Inhaled alcohol vapor gets directly into your bloodstream from the lungs in full strength, allowing you to feel the effects more powerfully and quickly. 

Vaping Alcohol Vs Drinking Alcohol

Health experts are yet to establish whether vaping alcohol can be considered a recreational activity. However, one thing is that it differs much more from the traditional drinking practice. Several factors indicate that vaping alcohol is not safe and can be more dangerous than conventional drinking.

On the other hand, alcohol vaping enthusiasts argue that the practice also comes with its list of benefits. Unlike traditional drinking, where the alcohol has to pass through the digestive system, vaping alcohol relieves your body from all that.

The misconception is that the alcohol is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and does not pass the digestive tract. As a result, you instantly feel high compared to the old-fashioned way. Other differences between smoking and drinking alcohol include;

  • Smoking alcohol allows you to take in more amount of alcohol than you’d have consumed through drinking.
  • You’re constantly at a high risk of overdose, considering how difficult it is to monitor exactly how much alcohol you’ve consumed.
  • Though you’ll feel the buzz quickly, expect it to wear off too rapidly. This probably explains why there are high tendencies of an overdose in users seeking to enhance the effects.
  • With traditional drinking, the body can react to excess alcohol through vomiting. This isn’t the case with vaping alcohol, though.

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How Vaping Alcohol Affects Your Body

One of the misconceptions about vaping is that it’s much safer than traditional consumption methods. This applies to both vaping alcohol and nicotine. But the fact that e-cigarettes produce water vapor rather than smoke doesn’t mean they are safer for your body.

Inhaling alcohol may pose additional risks to your body in ways that traditional consumption cant. Alcohol vaping is most likely to expose you to a higher level of dependence. This may be detrimental to your mental and physical health.

The only misconstrued benefit of vaping alcohol is that it gets you very drunk instantly without hangovers and other side effects of traditional drinking. However, doing so puts your body under the following health risks.

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1. You Risk Alcohol Poisoning

According to the World Health Organization global facts, 3 million deaths result from harmful alcohol use every year. Much of these deaths are a result of binge drinking—similar to alcohol vaping.

It puts you at significant risk of alcohol poisoning when your body takes in more than it can process. When this happens, your blood alcohol concentration reaches toxic levels that are life-threatening. Here are some of the signs you should look out for in alcohol poisoning.

  • Vomiting
  • Pale skin
  • Low body temperature
  • Irregular breathing
  • Unconsciousness

2. It Can Cause Lung Damage 

The effects of smoking alcohol on your lungs are profound. Unlike tobacco and other nicotine products, heated alcohol vapor can irritate and cause discomfort to your lungs. If not careful, it can have long-term damage to your lungs and cause other breathing problems.

3. You Face a Higher Risk of Alcohol Addiction

Vaping allows too much alcohol intake compared to conventional drinking. This also means the absorption rate into your brain is much higher. Research reveals that the faster the alcohol vapor reaches your brain, the more likely you’ll develop an addiction to it.

4. It Can Harm Your Brain

Besides increasing the risk of addiction, too much alcohol absorption into your brain may affect its vital receptors. The trouble is even more profound in teens or underage children who don’t have fully developed brains.

5. It Weakens Your Body

Vomiting is always the most common consequence that comes out of drinking too much alcohol. It’s a protective measure by the body to limit the higher levels of alcohol absorption.

Heated alcohol, however, doesn’t cause vomiting as such. The vapor goes directly to the brain, resulting in unconsciousness. Lack of control over the amount of alcohol absorption means your body faces a significant health risk in the long run.

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Final Thought

Irrespective of the consumption method, too much alcohol poses a significant risk to your body. Vaping alcohol can be hazardous, given it lets you inhale higher alcohol levels over a short period. To be safe, learn all the risks and practice responsible alcohol consumption.


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