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Air Halo

Viruses are in a constant state of mutation making them potentially dangerous and unpredictable.  Because of their constant mutations, they have become very difficult to immunize against and become resistant to antibiotic drugs. Using conventional methods makes them incredibly difficult to eradicate biologically.

Enclosed spaces where there is a large number of people are considered to be “Danger Zones”.  These environments provide ideal conditions for infections that have the potential to develop into  epidemics. Germs can easily spread from one person to another within the space of 1 meter.  Office buildings, schools, theaters, shopping malls, public transportation, airports, airplanes, restaurants and the list goes on and on. The truth is that the majority of the locations that we frequent have no air sanitization.

Since we all face these health risks daily it makes sense that better quality of air to breathe should be a priority. So imagine having clean and healthy air wherever you go.  Dr. Herman Tsui did not only ponder the problem but developed the solution.

Dr. Herman Tsui (CEO) at A-oneTech .Ltd is credited as the inventor of Plascide Technology which was used to develop a unique product which is the subject of this article, the Air Halo.

Plascide technology was conceived in the aftermath of an outbreak of SARs in Hong Kong in 2003.  This epidemic claimed many lives. The development of Plascide technology was developed with funds from the Hong Kong government.

The Air Halo Press Release reminds us that Plasma is a well known natural phenomenon. “It has many applications in hi-tech, such as space exploration with plasma propulsion, waste removal with plasma gasification to avoid toxic by-products, future electricity generation by plasma fusion and now… air sanitization with plasma neutralization to treat airborne contaminants.”

“Contaminated air is pulled into the Plascide reactor where the intense micro-lightning ionized gas field, sterilizes pathogenic microbes such as H3N2 influenza, MRSA while neutralizes toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, rendering them inactive and harmless. This unique attribute of sterilizing pathogenic microbes and neutralizing VOCs electrically means that it’s not limited to any specific size or type of pathogens or chemicals. Plascide reactor can, therefore, sanitize any known and mutated pathogens.  The air neutralization takes place effectively and efficiently in a single stage process within a fraction of a second.  No plasma is released into the breathing environment.“

If there is one lesson the water disaster in Flint Michigan taught us is that we can’t rely on others to look out for our well-being.  Air Halo allows us to take charge of the quality of the air we breathe everywhere we go.

Air HaloAir Halo is a very portable air sanitizer that is powered by Plascide’s micro-lightning technology.  It utilizes plasma to destroy germs and neutralize VOCs with unmatched performance. The unit includes a rechargeable battery that provides hours of protection while on the move.

Learn more about Plascide Technology and the Air-Halo here.

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