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Things to Pay Attention to After Being Hacked

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Passwords are meant to protect our accounts; social media accounts, banking apps, email accounts, and many other profile accounts that are personal, but what happens when the password is tempered with and someone else has access to your accounts? This incident is one thing that people with accounts dread simply because it can destroy a lot of things. People’s reputation can be destroyed. Some people have also lost a lot of money after being hacked. People have had their private lives exposed due to this same incident.

Hacking has become common because cybercriminals are always on the go. Unfortunately, people are not cautious about their digital security. They believe that no one will be interested in their lives because they are not popular. That is where they are wrong. This naivety is the reason why they are shocked when it happens to them. If it has happened to you before, do not let it happen again. You should pay attention to the following things to ensure that your accounts are completely safe.

1.       Change Your Passwords

The immediate action to take after realizing you have been hacked is to change your password. Usually, it will not be the simple password you often used to change your password. Since the account has been compromised, you may need to use your recovery email and phone to reset your password. While in the process, get a password that is stronger than the previous one.

2.       Assess The Situation

To avoid the same incident in the future, you need to know where you went wrong. Try to think back and see where you used the password or where you left any important information that was useful to the hacker.

3.       Check If There Has Been Changes To Your Account

If it is your mobile banking account, you need to pay attention to your finances. Check if there are changes with your account balance. In the same way, if it is a social media account, you should check if the hacker made posts or sent messages from your accounts.

4.       Put Up Extra Security For Your Accounts

This process should cut across all your accounts whether they were compromised or not. For your bank accounts, you need to create fraud alerts for your credit. The account fraud alert will subject any future accounts you create to extra scrutiny. No one can use your social security number to open an account even if they hack your accounts. As a way of beefing up your security, you need to activate your two-step authentication for all accounts. Most social media and banking apps have this option. It may take some time to complete, but it is worth it.

5.       Monitor Your Account For The Next Couple Of Months

This process is critical because the hackers may try other accounts that belong to you, especially if you have the same password across the board. You should get a copy of your credit report from The Credit People review. The bureaus offer one free credit report each year. If you have not requested for one already, take advantage of the opportunity to get one. You should also tell your family and friends about the hacking incident so that they can be cautious about it. There are instances where the hackers send messages to friends and families of people who have been hacked asking for more information. You can also try the services of a monitoring service. This comes at a cost, but you are guaranteed that your account is safe.

You do not need to fret because your account was hacked. It does not necessarily mean you were negligent. Once you have taken these steps, it will be difficult for people to get access to your accounts again.

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