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Affordable Mortgage Rates In Singapore


In Singapore, Home loan rates depend on different banks that have unique promotions that are rarely advertised. Mortgage consultants in Dollar Back are informed by banks as soon as special interest rate packages are set so as to inform the client of the best package that is available. Some extremely lower rates are not advertised publicly.

Private properties are into two categories; Under construction properties and Completed resale units; both having different loan rates and terms. According to the client’s special needs, the consultants will advise you and negotiate with all the banks. This enables these special offers to suit your needs in the long term and also be the best value for your money.


1. Get Professional Advice Concerning Mortgage

Make sure you secure the maximum loan needed for the private property before deciding on the option fee. The preliminary process is done as fast as fifteen minutes. Also, get property valuations to ensure a good deal and be sure of professional conveyancing in law firms of the mortgage consultancy firm.

2. Customised Mortgage

Mortgage consultants recommend various strategies and have negotiations with major banks. This is to enable flexibility in the private loan property or even as a rental income plan.

3. Compare Refinance Mortgage rates

Refinancing is switching your current house loan to another bank which is done to get a better rate that works for you. Having a genuine broker can help you get the best home loan.


1. What is the down payment for a home loan mortgage?

The maximum loan to value in the first home loan in Singapore is 75%. For more info go to The corresponding tenure is 30 years. Different financial institutions offer different rates, so it is encouraged to compare the best loan rates.

2. What CPF can be used as a down payment for home loans

The amount that can be used at the start of the down payment depends on the loan you qualify for.

3. Does a bank indicate property valuation

A bank that provides property valuation comes to a conclusion on the maximum house loan for a refinancing and a new property. A bank indicated property valuation is accurate when searching at to date resale transactions using public resources.

Mortgage Application

4. How much are legal fees?

The partner conveyancing law firm provides low discounted rates that include mortgage stamping, GST, and stamp fees. It usually ranges from $150 -$2200

5. Can a client get a loan from the bank without an income?

OF COURSE! The answer is a yes. Either way, it will require a significant amount of cash savings to be deposited and locked in a specific bank for 48 months. The savings are to be locked in with the bank when the mortgage has been approved and can’t be withdrawn for a period of four years or be used as a down payment of the mortgage that is intended to be purchased.

Bank partners of Dollar Bank Mortgage in Singapore include:

Standard Chartered, Hong Leong Finance, Citibank, bank of china, Maybank

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