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How To Add, Remove, And Reorder Share Buttons In iOS 8 Share Menu

ios 8 share sheet

The iOS 8 Share Menu is another area where Apple has done a significant amount of work. Share Menus of yore had a fixed, ordered set of options; The iPhone 6 / iOS 8 Share Menu lets you re-order, add, and disable options with ease. Find out how after the jump.

ios 8 share sheet

Extensions In iOS 8

The feature that received the most positive reception at WWDC was App Extensions. Developers can now enhance previously unenhance-able areas of iOS: they can add they own sharing options, provide custom actions in other apps, and even replace the system keyboard. It’s a huge step in bringing iOS closer to Android’s significantly bigger feature-set.

I am so looking forward to finally being able to save links to Pocket, scheduling shares with Buffer, clipping notes to Evernote from other apps. The general user-base does not yet understand how hugely this will change their iOS experience for the better.

Customizing iOS 8 Share Menu / Share Sheet

ios 8 share menu sheet re-order activities

Alright, now back to the topic at hand. By default, the iOS 8 Share Menu comes with AirDrop sharing, sharing over SMS, email, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. Depending on the context, you’re also given contextual ‘actions’ like copying links, adding website to Home Screen, printing, and more.

As mentioned before, these were simply very strict features in iOS 7 and earlier. You couldn’t change them, so they were to be accepted as is. iOS 8 changes that.

ios 8 share menu sheet add, disable re-order activities

When you open the iOS 8 Share Menu (or Share Sheet) in any app, you can now swipe left (or slide towards the right) to see a “More” option. You can tap that to see all the (pre-)installed activities. You can toggle some of them off or on, and of course re-order them by tapping and holding them from the three-horizontal-line icon*.

(screenshots via WonderHowTo)

*I’m not sure what the official name is for these three parallel lines, so I just call them like I see them.

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