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Activator Beta for iOS9


The beta for the iOS 9 version of Activator is now available to download from Cydia. ‘Activator’, is a popular jailbreak tweak for iPhones that has now found its way to iOS9.

Although we already have a semi-jailbreak for iOS 9 in Pangu 9, it is far from complete. Selecting the correct tweaks is essential for full customization, but this is usually hard with new jailbreaks since you have to wait on updated versions for extended periods of time.

 Not being ready for iOS 9 Activator has a direct impact on other tweaks since Activator itself is a requirement for a number of those tweaks. Ryan Petrich, the creator of Activator, however; has released a beta for the 9.0-9.02 in relatively quick time. As is expected from the man who has been at the top of the jailbreak game for a long time.

Activator for iOS 9 is currently available for download in initial beta form and can be installed easily. You just have to add the repository in Cydia, and carry on like you would installing any other tweaks.

Furthermore, Activator introduces a new feature that takes full advantage of what iOS 9 has to offer. Named shortcut actions, it allows Activator to tie into 3D Touch menus, enabling Activator gestures to launch anything that would normally be veiled behind a 3D Touch press.

The change-log:

Basic support for iOS 9.

Add support for short cutactions on iOS 9.

However, the release itself is the biggest news. Since any tweak that needed Activator can finally be used. Although this is still a beta version, things look good for the future of jail-breaking.

The full Update:

  • Support iOS 9
  • Add support for short cut actions on iOS 9
  • Add custom 3D Touch icon events on compatible 3D Touch devices
  • Support multi-touch events on iOS 9
  • Fix case open/close events being swapped on iOS 8+
  • Fix black status-bar as app is launching on iOS 8+
  • Add system power down view action
  • Adjust naming of custom actions/events to “Build”
  • Add launch playing app action
  • Only remedy corrupt Today/Tomorrow notification settings upon install
  • Update Localizations
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