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A Tiny Game of Pong is Now on Your Apple Watch

a tiny game of Pong

Developer Matt Wiechec has developed the tiniest game of pong for your Apple Watch and has appropriately named it “A tiny game of Pong”. The game is available for free in App store for a limited time.

To play the game, you need to turn the responsive digital crown to make the paddle move left right across the screen. You can play the game by choosing the computer as your competitor or by choosing a friend through game centre leader board integration. Surprisingly, the use of responsive digital crown fits almost perfectly into the gaming experience.

The game is available in two modes the endless arcade mode and the classic pay off mode, the game allows you to choose between ten different color themes , you can keep record of your high score and also keep track of your position  on Game center. The game is also available on your iPhone. You can play the game as a standalone version on your apple wrist watch or you could play it by pairing it with your iPhone for extra functionalities.

Every time you successfully hit the ball with the paddle the watch gives a haptic feedback.

The key features of a tiny game of pong are

The two modes for playing the game, the endless arcade mode and the classic payoff mode.

The responsive digital crown to control the movement of your paddle

Use Game Centre integration to compete with your friends high scores.

You can use the ten different themes to personalize the game according to your apple watch band.

You can play the game without using your iPhone

This game is a very interesting way to pass time without having to take out your iPhone and it also makes a great addition to the Apple Watch gaming platform.

You can unlock a one-on-one classic mode against a computer in a first to three matches, the ten personalized theme colors, the worldwide high score through Game Centre integration and a support badge by buying the app for $0.99 in the App Store.

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