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A Tale of Two Websites

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There are multitudes of companies operating across the world, but they can be aptly divided into two categories. Company A will invest in a costly online marketing strategy where they’ll have to spend thousands of dollars on a new website that can take months to develop. Company B will rely on web hosting services to build a website without needing a web developer’s services.

Company A will not be able to see results in its first months, while Company B has already launched its website around two months ahead of its competitor. Company B is able to save on expenses since they built the website themselves, and they can start driving traffic towards their site.

Company B will still need to invest in measures to ensure that they can drive traffic towards their website through various promotions. It can edit its business cards and letterheads and hand out freebies to introduce its new website to its clients. Company B can continuously generate sales from its current customers to offset their expenses, while Company A is still behind.

Two months later, Company A finally launches its website, and everyone, even Company B, agrees that it is much more visually appealing than that of its competitor. Company A decides to invest more of their money in a search engine optimization campaign to put their site on the first page of the search results pages. Still, Company B continues to focus on its current measures.

In the end, Company B’s sales are dependent on their geographical reach, but Company A has customers all over the country due to its SEO campaign. The two different methods to set up an online presence resulted in a significant difference in each company’s sales.

This infographic by Landau Consulting details what Company A and Company B did and shows the importance of a carefully designed website and an SEO campaign.


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