A Look At Apple’s Success

Apple's Success

Earlier this week we posted an article on Apple’s most successful year being 2015.  When we look at this over the period of 2005 to 2015 it really provides perspective on just how successful this company is.  In fact, when we take a closer look at Apple’s success, this year’s numbers break all previous records from all companies.  The last highest being Exxon Mobil who racked up $45.2 billion in 2008.  The chart below shows us that Apple has increased its profits 40 fold over the past decade and gives us a look at revenue, net income, market capitalization, and brand value.

The success of the iPhone contributed greatly to these record-breaking numbers making Apple the most recognized brand and the most valuable company in history.

When we look at how they accomplished this level of success it is quite remarkable.  By understanding what people want and taking the time to design and refine then refine some more.  Apple excels at making highly complex technology simple to use and understand.  Beauty plays an important role in making its products highly desirable.  Durable, reliable, are also adjectives that accurately describe Apple products. By providing services that enhance the experience of owning an Apple product is yet another way the company has managed to become so successful. iTunes, Beats 1 Radio, App Stores for Mac, mobile and Apple TV, Apple Pay, Apple Retail and a thriving developer community all make up the Apple eco-system which is available to all and enhances the experience of owning an Apple product.

With the new Apple TV, iPad Pro, new Macs, iPhone 7, Apple Car, and more on the horizon and expansion in Asia, Apple is positioned to continue to enjoy its historic success in the coming years.

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