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A Guide To Storing Your Stuff

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The first quarter of every new year is used mainly for starting fresh in all aspects of our lives. Individuals and families use these first few months for goal setting, reflection, and home organization. People strive to get healthier, happier, and more purposeful, and they start doing that by decluttering the home.

While letting go of unnecessary stuff is vital, there comes the issue of what to do with it. Most people keep them in their basements or garages until the space becomes a vortex of unwanted rubbish where no human can walk. If you’d rather not go down that road, continue reading these great tips on storing your stuff in an organized manner.

Plan out how much storage space you need

The first and most necessary step to take is to plan out where to store your stuff and figure out how much space you’ll need. You might choose your space based on the items you plan on keeping. Are they important items you can’t let go of? Are they sentimental possessions you’ll want to pass down? Or are they things you don’t mind giving up for sale or to charity?

Maybe you don’t have a garage space, basement, or attic. In this case, you’ll want to consider a self storage unit instead. Consider factors such as whether you’ll be storing large items, adding shelving units inside the unit, or moving heavier items.

Label all your items

Storing your items requires organization, especially when you plan on going back to search for specific items. For example, you might need clothing for your date night or simple womens black skinny jeans for your girls’ night out. Maybe it’ll be in storage along with other off-season clothes. You’ll need to organize your clothing into categories to find items with ease. For example, you can have a blouse section, a cardigan and sweater section, and a bottoms section with leggings, women’s jeans, and other articles of clothing.

Remove, purge, and organize


This is probably the toughest tip ever, but it’s the most beneficial. To store your items in an organized manner, you’ll first need to remove everything in your storage area, categorize them, then organize them. In purging and removing, you might find items that you’d prefer to keep in large self-storage units.

If everything will be stored in your home, take your time and tackle the space in smaller sections. Separate your piles into three major categories: donate, keep, and trash. This makes the sorting process easier and quickens the time spent.

Be creative with storage solutions

You can invest in storage units, but you’ll still need to utilize organization and other solutions to make the most out of the storage space. For example, there are storage containers that are specifically designed for tight spaces or small areas. You can even organize within the storage boxes themselves.

Keep fragile items secure

Moving Process

When moving stuff around, pay close attention to the extra fragile items. For such items, using bubble wrap is a great way to keep things from breaking during the moving process. In the event of any fall during the move to a unit, you’re assured that your fragile items are still in one piece.

You can also take care of fragile items by boldly labeling them and keeping them above heavy boxes, not under. Choose metal or plastic boxes for such items to help prevent them from being crushed under pressure. Other fragile items might include paintings and electronics. While these may not break, they can be affected by other instances like water or moisture. Lastly, consider wrapping them in soft foam or blankets before covering them in bubble wrap for such items.

Hopefully, this guide has been helpful for storing your stuff.

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