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A Coronavirus-Proof Business

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The following data and infographics were provided by and it is being republished here with their permission.

Since the spread of COVID-19, our lives have been seriously affected. Millions of people lost their jobs, and hundreds of companies are forced to close. There’s a huge global GDP and oil price decline during the lockdown.

Regardless of sector or size, it has indeed brought a huge change to everyone. Based on the impact of Coronavirus to business, CocoFax has created an infographic to indicate how the work style has been reformed when everyone stays at home. 

Remote working is not an easy task for many companies, especially for those in the traditional industry, to transit from in-person work to remote work. 

The biggest challenge is how to manage your remote team to work effectively. The first thing an employer needs to do is to choose the right remote working tools for his/her team. CocoFax has listed a variety of tools for businesses to go remote.

Different types of remote working tools, such as time management, project management, communication, etc. help the employees to know the task orders, the ultimate goal, their own responsibilities clearer. This will largely improve productivity.

Second, the employer needs to ensure that each employee knows how to use the tool. This can be hard for some people who find it difficult to adapt to new digital software. Try to choose the easiest tool which fits your basic needs for your team.

It is easier to work on such tools by virtue of their efficiency and simplicity. The best way to implement this method is to know what kinds of tools a team needs and choose the most workable one (price and usage) among all. 

Leaning on the right technology can help your organization, employees, and even business partners to rapidly adapt to the digital working model for the continuity of your business. This is also helpful when more normal times return. It allows a team to better schedule their working time and each employee can understand their duties more clearly.


Coronavirus Proof

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