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A Comprehensive Source of Data and Analytics Job Roles in 2022

Data and Analytics Jobs

Data and analytics jobs are everywhere in 2022. The job landscape is very promising, there are tons of opportunities, and these jobs allow for remote work and flexibility. Data and analytics jobs also provide good pay and high-ranking salaries. With the enormous amount of data that is generated online, big data and analytics have become a hot topic and are growing. There are many data and analytics job roles available. Job seekers need to know where they can find data and analytics jobs. Some of these sites that provide data and analytics jobs are Onlydatajobs, Amazon jobs, Linkedin jobs. etc. This blog post discusses the source of data and analytics job roles in 2022.

What Are Data and Analytics?

Data and analytics involve the management and handling of data for all uses both analytical and operational to improve the business outcome. And enable efficient decisions to improve the customer experiences. There are many job roles in data and analytics. Some of them are data scientists, data engineers, operations and marketing analysts.

Sources of Data and Analytics Jobs

Many organizations and companies provide data and analyst job roles. Ranging from financial firms which need a data analyst to visualize and discover insights in financial datasets. Consulting firms also need marketing and operation analysts to facilitate business operations. Ecommerce companies also need a business analyst to provide business insights. Also, pharmaceutical companies need pharmacist data scientists to help analyze patients’ data and provide insights. Marketing companies also require data analysts to visualize business sales and operations, NGO’s and many other companies.

Some top companies that provide data and analytics jobs are Google, Twitter, IBM, Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, Infosys, Snapchat, Shazam, Whatsapp Etc.

The major sources of data and analytics jobs are discussed below.

1. Online Platforms

Online platforms are a key source for data and analytics jobs. Job seekers need to use the appropriate online platforms when searching for data and analytics jobs. Some online platforms that provide data and analytic jobs are discussed below.

  • It is a job site that is specifically for the data science and artificial intelligence (AI) community. They provide a clear listing of jobs related to big data, data analytics. These jobs provided can be contractual or full-time.
  • Amazon jobs: Amazon is a leading employer of data and analytics. They hire data scientists and even analyst interns. Their vacancies are up more than once a month. They provide career sections for different kinds of jobs roles in data and analytics. They are similar to companies like Google, Microsoft.
  • Analytics jobs: It is a platform that provides job postings that are related to analytics. All the jobs and vacancies are well listed so that job seekers don’t waste any time hunting for specific jobs. It makes it easy to find the right listings.
  • Analytics Vidya: It is one of the largest data and analytics companies in India, they provide a job platform where the jobs can be found. They also provide opportunities to learn. The job roles provided are mainly in data analytics and data science.
  • Big data jobs: It is a job platform created by software engineers and it makes it easy to identify and attract big data talents. The primary aim is to provide an easy-to-use interface for job hunters who do not know much about the industry. Current job openings appear on the platform.

3. Social Media Sites and Online Forums

Social media sites and online forums are crucial sources of data and analytics jobs.  Some of these social media sites and online forums are discussed below.

  • Linkedin job search: For a job seeker, Linkedin is a very effective tool to get a job in the data and analytics space. Jobs seekers can search for jobs through the search box and filter the searches. It provides a list of all the available jobs. It also allows you to build to maintain your network.
  • Glassdoor job search: It provides millions of job vacancies to allow jobseekers to search for the most suitable jobs. It also provides a search filter for data and analytics jobs. It also includes salary reviews and ratings.
  • Indeed job search: Indeed also provides millions of jobs for job seekers. It contains different jobs with job search, company reviews, and resumes.
  • Facebook job forums: Facebook also provides different job roles in data and analytics for job seekers. These job seekers can join these Facebook forums depending on their locations. Other online forums are Twitter jobs forum, Upwork, Fiverr. Etc.

4. Data Science Job Fairs

Data science job fairs provide data and analytics job opportunities. A job fair is a recruiting event where employers and recruiters meet. Job seekers can find out more about potential employers and job openings. They are usually organized in large halls where the potential employees are placed in booths. HRs can explain to potential employees about the job application process and the current job opening requirements. Data science job fairs are ideal for job seekers in the data and analytics space.

Examples of existing data science job fairs are the Boston data science career fair. And also the data science and analytics virtual career. It is organized for graduate students in data science, Statistics, Math, computer science, and analytics. These students are then recruited for full-time opportunities

5. Social Media Advertisements

Another source of data and analytics jobs is social media advertisements. Job seekers need to watch out for social media advertisements. Marketing managers use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook to promote brands and share various job openings. Comments can also be added to attract employers.

 6. Newspapers

Newspapers are another important source of data and analytics jobs. It is a periodic publication that contains all news, ads, and written information about current events. Newspapers are available throughout the week. Newspapers serve as a source of jobs for job seekers because they provide job vacancies in the job vacancies section. It contains well-detailed job descriptions, salary ranges, and related content.


Data and analytics job roles are increasing by the day. To get hired it is important to gain the required skills. Take a degree in data science or any related course, and take advantage of academic opportunities online provided through free and paid online resources. This blog post discussed the different sources of data and analytics job roles in 2022. Data and analytics is a promising field and provides a lot of job opportunities for job seekers.

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