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A Complete Guide on Drum Welding Machine

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Are you planning to set up a factory or manufacturing plant of your own? Well, if that is the case, then this is the article, which will help you to clear your mind about welding and drum welding machines. According to a study, there are close to 400,000 jobs, annually in this field. So, before we talk about drum welding machines, let’s quickly discuss welding!

What is Welding?

In layman’s terms, it is basically the industrial joining of two heavy materials like steel, aluminum, brass, plastic, etc. Welding is used in almost every field, be it, making connections on the electric board, or creating a heavy structure.

A welder or the welding machine is the equipment, which is used for this process and it usually involves an operator, who would keep it going. The Welding machine uses a lot of heat sources like a gas flame, electric arc, ultrasonic sound, etc. to heat the filler. The filler is basically the plastic or metal, which is melted for the process!

Types of Welding

Depending on the materials, there can be a lot of welding procedures. Some of the notable ones are mentioned below:

·        Shield Metal Arc Welding: This type of welding is mainly used for welding of stainless steel and cast iron. In this type of welding, an electric current is used as the heat source and an electric arc is formed between the electrode and the metals, which is joined. This type of equipment needs a continuous power supply, electrode, etc.

·        Metal Inert Glass Welding: Mainly used in the shield welding industry, and in the case of aluminum and all kinds of alloys. It is a very quick method and the heat source for this is usually a shielding gas supply. A welding gun is used to get the welding done and the results are very responsive.

·        Tungsten Inert Gas Welding: This is mainly used for aluminum and magnesium alloys, as these are usually reactive in nature. This is used for different kinds of joints like the lap joint, butt joint, t-joint, etc. With gas shielding, the welding process looks very clean and tidy. Any of the inert gases are used to continue with the welding.

·        Flux Cored Gas Welding: This kind of welding is laborious, as the metal is heated, melted, and again heated to make the joints. This is used for heavy industrial work and goes well with rusty metal, steel, etc. It requires a wire-feed welding mechanism.

·        Arc Welding: This is one of the simplest forms of welding, and it usually requires basic electricity. It does not take into account heavy machinery or any other fancy equipment.

Resistance Welding: For resistance welding, the pressure is applied to the metals that need to be joined along with the current. Since no other materials are needed to create the bond, resistance welding is extremely cost-effective.

There is something called a laser beam welding, too. This is highly expensive, yet accurate! It uses a concentrated laser beam, for instant heating, melting, and then cooling, too!

Drum Welding Machine

These are huge industrial welding machines, which are used to carry out the welding work. The application of these kinds of welders usually ranges from metal welding of alloys, stainless steel, rusted iron, etc. The electrical consumption for these kinds of welders is a lot, as it requires a continuous power supply.

The drum welding machine is usually used for body clamping and feeding. It uses electricity as the heat supply and the welding is usually corrosion-less. These kinds of machines require regular maintenance which only experts can handle.

Maintenance and Usage: These kinds of drum welders usually employ a skilled labor force, and the training is usually on the job. There is a consumable electrode coated in flux, and this is used to weld the metal together! An electric current is passed through the electrodes and this is where the welding begins.

Due to such heavy usage of the machine, it requires good maintenance of welding equipment parts. There are a lot of companies, which offer annual maintenance contracts, and they are the best for on-site maintenance and repairs.

Thus, if you want to become an overnight expert on Welding, then, this is the best article as it will give you a great insight into types of welding. Also, if you want to pick up welding as a profession, do not forget to read up on the metals and kind of welding required for the same.

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