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A Career In Gaming

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Career In Gaming

As the old saying goes – do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life, and that’s an option becoming true for many as a career in gaming is becoming a popular path for many youngsters as a growing number of platforms are now providing an opportunity for this choice to actually become viable for many.

A distinction is important here too – this isn’t a career in gaming that many may consider through gambling or other means. Despite a recent rise in popularity for online casinos amidst changes to regulation restriction players leading many to turn to these casinos that aren’t on GameStop, we’re talking about other forms of gaming that don’t so much rely on chance or gambling.

A big part of this opportunity comes through streaming as platforms such as Twitch are now more popular than ever, previously many would look to YouTube and the golden days in which everyone wanted to become a youtube sensation but many quickly realized it required a huge amount of time – not only through developing your channel but also the skills required to make it big, good editing and a consistent schedule would often be attributed to long days with some suggesting they were working sixteen to eighteen hours per day just to get their videos out – Twitch instead offers a different solution, simply flick your stream on and start playing whilst attempting to be as entertaining as possible providing a perfect middle-ground for many.

There’s also the ever-present professional gamer route that many have taken – another tough one to define as it again takes a lot of time and dedication to make it big with no small amount of talent and timing required, but esports has really taken off and is quickly becoming one of the biggest sports in the world as larger-scale events are still growing as stadiums sell out and online tournaments become even more common. With this increasing presence also comes the money alongside it, big salaries for players that can be supplemented with a big income from streaming, alongside the ever-increasing prize pools from competitions as they are now extending into seven figures for major tournaments.

Whilst many looking for fame and riches will still turn to the traditional path of becoming an elite athlete, we’re also now well in the midst of a new career path for many as gaming is quickly becoming a preferred choice – it’s also important to note that esports and streaming are still very young only really becoming what it is now in the past decade or so, with plenty of room still to grow and develop with all the lessons learned from other traditional sports and media, the future for many will certainly be a career in gaming and if it’s something you’re looking to get into or something you follow intently, it certainly is looking like an exciting future for the gaming industry as a whole as progress is made each year.

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