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A Big Demographic Change For Gaming

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It wasn’t all that long ago that gaming could be considered quite a niche activity – the majority of the audience consisted of younger teen males and whilst there were still other ages that were attracted to gaming, it was still quite a limited venture. Recent years have seen major changes to this, the expansion of different gaming genres in more adult-themed options particularly with games of chance at casinosuden.com, and society as a whole being more welcoming to gaming options, this demographic has begun to shift in quite a big way. 

A difference still exists between platforms in quite a stark way too – for mobile platforms, the shift has largely leaned towards women over the age of 34 as the primary players on mobile games, not only does this audience play the most with increasing hours spent on games but also commit the most spending too as microtransactions and the presence in games has increased, so has the spending. Younger teen males still make up a portion of this audience, as do those over the age of 65, signaling an even bigger change there too.

For console gaming, there hasn’t been too much change as demographics still place the majority in the younger age bracket but much like mobile there has been a big shift towards a much older audience too as the elderly are now more interested in gaming than before with console often being the chosen platform – so much so that there are content creators of an older age that have become quite popular for their own explorations in the gaming world, and show how much excitement it brings them and how well received the change has been too. 

Finally comes PC gaming, once the smallest of the gaming markets but revived by the huge success found in esports – with the biggest games pulling in hundreds of millions of viewers each year and rivaling that of traditional sporting events, the true impact of the success found in esports is hard to quantify as it may have been the reason behind the success in many other markets too. This is represented by both the audience and talent in this space too, as it’s not just younger talent and fans that are represented and shown on broadcast, but a much broader spectrum. 

As views continue to change with the majority of parents believing video games are having a positive influence and a shift away from the belief that video games can be dangerous, it’s a more exciting time than ever for gamers, and one that will only certainly continue to grow over time.

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