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A Beginner’s Guide to PEMF Therapy

Back Pain

Recently, PEMF therapy has gained much popularity because of its remarkable effects. This therapy provides a natural way to treat many body issues and has no side effects. PEMF devices use pulses to heal your body cells and tissues naturally. This therapy is now available in any health center. However, PEMF devices enable you to get this therapy yourself anywhere you want. This therapy is used to treat many diseases and conditions.  If you are not familiar with this therapy, here is a guide for you. Keep reading to learn about this therapy and how to get it.

How does PEMF therapy heal your body?

The PEMF therapy releases electromagnetic field pulses in your body. These pulses reinvigorate, regenerate, and heal your cells. Cellular healing improves the overall functioning of your body. These pulses also improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation. The best part about this therapy is that it focuses on activating the natural healing process of your body.

Why do you need this therapy?

Now that you know how this therapy works? You need to know why you should get this therapy. Research has shown that PEMF therapy has tons of benefits for your health. Here are some benefits you can avail yourself of this therapy.

Say Goodbye to Pain

Many people swear by the ability of this therapy to provide instant relief from pain. This therapy reduces joint pain, muscular pain, cramps, and pain due to injury. PEMF therapy provides a healthy alternative to painkillers. This therapy not only reduces pain but also heals the cause of pain.

 Reduce Stress

PEMF therapy has the power to instantly reduce your stress. Studies have shown that this therapy can help to calm your mind and body. PEMF therapy stimulates the happiness hormone in your mind and thus, improves your mood.

Get Better Sleep

When it comes to insomnia, people use all kinds of medication that have many severe side effects. PEMF therapy is one of the safest ways to enhance your sleep. Getting this therapy a few hours before sleeping will enable you to get a good night’s sleep.

 Prevent Severe Diseases

Studies have shown that this therapy can prevent many fatal diseases, including heart diseases, brain disorders, and cancer.

Improve Physical Performance

Many sportsmen and athletes use this therapy to improve their performance and flexibility. It reduces pain and overall athletic performance.

PEMF Therapy and PEMF Devices

There are many types of devices available that you can use to get this therapy. Here is how you can get this therapy.

PEMF Machines

These are the heavy machines you will usually find in a health center or clinic. Such devices use tubes to deliver electromagnetic pulses to any body part. These are usually operated by a health specialist.

Portable Devices

These are small devices that are easily usable by a layperson but with some medical advice. There are many portable devices available in the market that target your different body parts. You can find a device according to your needs at Healthyline Outlet. Here are some portable devices.

  • PEMF Mat

This device is like a mat. This device is ideal for people who want to target the whole body or big body parts. You simply turn this device on and lay down. This therapy takes less than 20 minutes to work.

  • PEMF Pillow/pads

These are comparatively smaller devices. PEMF pillows are ideal for improving your sleep and curing back or neck pain. The pads are small and are great to target specific body parts like your arm or legs.

  • PEMF Coil Device

You just turn on the PEMF coil device and sit with your targeted body part facing it.


To conclude, this therapy is great for encountering many body issues, and you should try it. Seek medical advice before getting this therapy. Choose a device that works best for you according to your need.

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