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A Beginners Guide to Opening a Car Detailing Business

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As time goes by, the newer generations of vehicles are capable of spending more and more time actively roaming the roads. At the moment, the average lifespan of current US vehicles is somewhere around 12 years or 200,000 miles which is a tangible increase from 2002’s 9.6 years.

Still, these numbers don’t only indicate that modern cars are built to last longer but also that the cars we see on the local roads are also getting older and need thorough maintenance to remain in pristine shape.

So, if you ever planned of opening your own car detailing business, the market circumstances can’t be better than they are now. Let us take a look then at a couple of tips that should help you leverage this favorable market position and put your company on a healthy foundation.

Do the research

As we mentioned in the introduction, the conditions for opening a car detailing business are very good on a national level. But, if you want your company to truly take off, you need to get an excellent grasp on all the quirks of your local market. So, perform thorough market research that will tell what your future customers actually are, whether are there any other car detailing shops in your area, what services are in demand, what class of vehicles your customers will most likely drive, and so on. Knowing these nuances will help you to create a model that will have an easier job of dealing with the local business environment.

Pen down the business plan

Essentially, the business plan is a sort of blueprint that roughly describes all of the important facets of your future company and gives you an excellent tool to measure how successful you are in putting your ideas into reality. In order to meet these goals, your business plan should cover the following topics and elements:

  • Executive summary (who, what, why, when, and where) and mission statement
  • General description of the company
  • The market breakdown
  • A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis
  • Personnel and management hierarchy
  • Breakdown of products and services
  • Marketing Plan
  • A financial plan, financing options, and business budget
  • Unique value proposition and business advantages

Gain necessary skills

Detailing is a very complex process that requires a lot of hard work and skill. That is why gaining the necessary expertise in activities like paint correction, leather conditioning, upholstery cleaning, and polishing makes one of the most critical steps in starting a detailing business. However, as critical as these technical skills are they only make up half the responsibilities you need to master. The rest of your efforts should be focused on developing abilities like communication and organization skills, empathy, meticulousness, time management, and all other techniques that will turn you into a stronger leader.

Make a decision on the company’s location

Approach this step with all due diligence since the location of your company will dictate a great number of decisions you will need to make further down the road. For instance, your company may decide to rely more heavily on walk-in customers or base its revenue on repeat business from the local area. The location of the company will also affect the type of vehicles you are going to tackle, the marketing tools and strategies you are going to use to appeal to the wider masses, and, ultimately, your revenue model. So, be sure to tackle this important issue as soon as possible and build subsequent strategies around it.

Assemble your crew

Much like in the previous case, this activity should be handled carefully and take as much time as possible, even if that means postponing the launch of your car detailing startup. To put it simply, your future crew will not only be responsible for technical activities – as your company grows, but these workers will also assume even more responsibilities and, hopefully, fill in senior positions. So, be sure to hire the people that are leadership material and you actually enjoy working with. As for the departments that are not involved in the actual detailing works, outsourcing seems like the most viable option for the time being.

Make your company flexible and scalable

The present-day business world is very fast-paced and volatile. If you want your company to succeed in such an environment it needs to be able to quickly respond to everything going around. Outsourcing the non-critical departments to third-party companies with already developed infrastructure makes one of the ways to do that. Other solutions can be found in relying more heavily on subscription-based tools, automating the workflow and internal company processes, as well as acquiring the business fleet, and performing your services on demand. All these moves will make your business much more competitive.

We hope these few suggestions will help you get a general idea about the steps you need to take to make sure your future car detailing company gets to a good start. Due to a variety of reasons, cars these days spend much more time on the road than their predecessors. That means the maintenance sector will offer more than enough opportunity for development to the companies who know how to turn these favorable circumstances to their advantage. This will not be an easy task but now, you at least know where to start. 

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