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9 Useful Tips on How To Make Your Windows Beautiful

Attractive Window with plants

If you want to make your windows look better and be more efficient it is enough to use your imagination and the ideas of designers. Also, consider window treatments from

By chance, if your windows are in need of a replacement you can always contact Windows and Doors Hamilton for assistance.  If not, and you just want to make your windows more beautiful and looking for some DIY ideas, read on.

You should know that it is not necessary to buy something expensive to enhance your modern home decor since you can make everything you need on your own. Even a small unusual element on the window can transform a room. Here is a list of nine useful tips on how to make your windows beautiful.

1. Decorative screens

A patterned screen gives the atmosphere in the house a special mood and becomes the main decoration of the room. Window screens are made of wood, metal, or plastic. They can be folded and slid. This design successfully protects your privacy and dims the sunlight. Additionally, it is quite easy to take care of decorative screens because you need only to clean them from dust from time to time.

2. Shutters

Wooden shutters are quite popular for their practicality and beauty. They can be used to completely darken a room and decorate the interior at the same time. If you chose the paint for shutters that will match the walls, they will look light and modest while shutters that are covered with bright paint become an accent point. With the help of shutters, you can create the atmosphere of a country house, as well as get a spectacular design detail.

3. Plants

A window sill that is overcrowded with huge flowers interferes with natural light and can make a room look depressing. But green spaces can be an excellent window decor if you correctly position them along the window sill.

Tropical and exotic plants are suitable, as well as climbing plants, like a philodendron Brasil, will look non-trivial and will beautifully frame the window over time. You can also place plants on shelves spread over the entire height of the window, hung on a railing, or in special pots. In the kitchen, you can plant healthy greens instead of ornamental plants.

4. Decorative painting of walls

If you have small windows, you can visually enlarge them with the help of decorative painting on the wall. The easiest way to slightly adjust the proportions is to frame the window with white paint and complement the composition with moldings. This budget trick can help the window look slightly elongated.

5. Handmade decorations

To add personality to a room, you can turn to the creative side of your personality and decorate the windows with homemade decor. You can use garlands, macrame, pom-poms on threads, and whole plot compositions. Such a window will definitely not leave anyone indifferent. If you want to check out some great decorations, you can check personalized ornaments in bulk.

6. Dichroic glass

In interior design, dichroic glass art has long gained popularity and even now it is not going to give up its position. A real dichroic glass window does not cost a lot and is convenient to order. To make the window more sophisticated, you can apply dichroic glass paint, adding colored ornaments or floral themes. Self-adhesive tape with a dichroic glass effect also looks great. Such a window will look elegant and will not require curtains.

7. Film

One of the most practical ways to protect your privacy (especially if you live in a house or have an apartment on the first floor) is to install frosted glass. But it is much cheaper and more functional to stick on a matte film, which is sold in different sizes and may have additions in the form of drawings, ornaments, or transparent inserts. You can also buy stickers that partially cover the window.

8. Roller shades with perforation

When closed, the dense curtain fabric of roller shades protects from sunlight, creating a magical pattern on the walls and floor. Roller shades with detailing of each building look very impressive. At night they imitate the panorama of the night city and the starry sky.

9. Beads

Previously, curtains made of beads were used to decorate interior aisles but they look even more original as a decoration for windows. When choosing curtains from beads, you pay attention to the style of the room:

  • for eclecticism and boho choose wooden beads
  • for a modern style, glass and crystal is suitable
  • for the oceanic style use shells

Beads on the windows make the environment dynamic, weightless, and cheerful.

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