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8 Ways Technology Is Used In The Casino Industry

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In recent years, technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives. We use it for both business and private purposes, and you can hardly find a person that doesn’t like the benefits of technology.

Just like many other industries, the gambling niche has also welcomed technological changes with open arms. Whether we are talking about land-based gambling venues or online casinos, technology plays a vital role in its development. Let’s take a look at 8  ways technology is used in the casino industry.

1. Advanced Payment Methods

Until recently, credit cards were the most convenient way to complete money transactions. However, thanks to modern technology, there are now various other ways to fund your casino account.

Of course, you can still use cash if you wish to do so, but apart from that, there are several payment methods at your disposal. For example, e-wallets such as Neteller have been extremely popular in online casinos lately, as they allow secure, fast, and easy casino deposits and withdrawals.

Also, once casinos included cryptocurrencies into their list of available banking methods, more players started opting for these instead of fiat currencies. For example, $5 minimum deposit casino in Canada.

2. SEO and Social Media

In a world where more than three billion people own a mobile phone, it was only a matter of time when online casinos would become the center of attention. With the online gambling industry in full bloom, the necessity for SEO and social media marketing has increased.

Each casino strives to regularly attract new customers and keep the old ones coming back. To make that happen, casinos have to remain among the top Google search results, which is why they hire SEO agencies.

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Yet, before players look up a particular casino on the web, they have to find out about it, or at least hear about the latest online games. This is where marketing and advertising step in, and what better way to reach new customers than through social media?

3. Live Dealer Casinos

Live dealer casinos are the best technological achievement in the casino industry so far. HD cameras and live streaming have allowed casino aficionados to get the best from both worlds — they can play their favorite casino games without leaving the comfort of their homes. The cameras allow players to monitor the gameplay at all times and the fact that there is a real flesh and blood dealer on the other side makes the whole experience more engaging.

4. Mobile Casino Apps

If you do not feel like typing the casino name into your browser every time, you can easily find online gambling venues with designated mobile apps for Android and iOS phones. Also, a lot of land-based casino resorts have their respective mobile apps that can make your casino experience better.

Through these apps, a casino can monitor and save your actions and playing history that can later be used to make your whole casino experience more personalized. For example, you will be offered discounts and upgrades in sister casinos and get special bonuses and promotions on the casino floor.

5. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID uses radio waves that are transmitted from one device to another and used as a form of communication. In casinos, this technology is mostly seen in slot machines. For example, when a slot machine is full or needs to be serviced, it will send a signal using RFID.

This same technology is used in casino chips — that small round piece of plastic contains a tag that can be tracked in case someone tries to steal it and exchange it for real cash. Also, it can prevent players from switching the real casino chips for fakes.

6. Card Readers

If you thought you could bring your cards to a casino and fake a huge win at poker — think again. The latest technology, called Angel Eye, has been introduced to spot any discrepancies related to cards at casino tables.

Every card owned by a casino has an invisible barcode mark that is recorded and monitored by a computer. After a game is done, the dealer can press a button that will initiate the scanning of all the cards at the table and detect any incompatibility.

7. Facial Recognition

Every casino has the right to ban a player caught breaking the rules, whether it is counting cards or using a cheating device. Once banned, the player is not allowed to enter the casino ever again. Players used to be able to ignore this ban and simply return once the current employees’ shift ended.

However, this is not possible anymore as a new facial recognition system immediately notifies casino managers that a blacklisted player has come back. Still, this system has not yet been perfected and it will take some time until casinos can completely rely on it.

8. Casinos and Future Technological Developments

So far, technology has improved the casino industry to a large extent. What is more, technological advancements never stop, meaning we can expect both land-based and online casinos to keep getting better in the future. While both traditional and online gambling venues are doing a great job at the moment, there is no doubt we will soon see VR and AI take over the gambling scene.

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