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8 Types of Tech Applications To Make Your Marketing Easy And Effective

Marketing Apps

Have you wondered if it’s possible to run your whole business (or most of it) via your phone or a few easy-to-access apps? The answer: Yes, it is. Doing so is easier and more efficient than being tied to a computer. Some of the most high-quality, useful apps run seamlessly across devices, making it a breeze to market your business on the go.

Consumers spend a great deal of time on their phones, as do entrepreneurs like you. Consider apps to make your marketing more streamlined and effective. Which types should you consider? There are thousands to choose from. Here’s a rundown of several that are particularly helpful.

1. Email 

Without question, email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to cultivate long-term relationships with customers. The engagement and follow-through rate is much higher than on social media. Increasingly, people can take action and make purchases without leaving their inboxes. Options for email marketing apps are numerous. Curious about the possibilities? Try a search using terms such as email marketing to find out about the latest technologies.

2. Analytics

Tracking your results is essential for digital marketing. It’s crucial that you know who’s clicking on your content, the length of their stay, and at what point they leave. Apps such as Google Analytics give you detailed information about the behavior of your website visitors. These rich reports and detailed insights give you guidance on fine-tuning your marketing approach. Apps associated with website builders such as Squarespace also offer in-depth analytics.

3. Images

Professional-looking images for social media are a must. Apps such as Canva import all of the features of their desktop version right to your tablet or phone. You can start a graphic on one device, and finish it on another. The templates they provide are highly customizable and provide structure to make your branding consistent and compelling.

4. Grammar 

It’s important that all of your marketing posts and emails are free of typos. Your reputation and credibility are on the line. Several apps and options are available, and one of the most popular is Grammarly. This app allows you to use a keyboard that scans your writing for grammatical errors and misspellings. The Grammarly app works inside all of your smartphone apps. Over time, it helps you become a better writer.

Applications5. Social Scheduling

To make your social media management less time-consuming, use a social scheduling app. Options like Buffer can help you plan and schedule updates to multiple accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin. The app offers analytics, as well. Hootsuite is another popular scheduling app that’s a bit more expensive than Buffer.

6. Business Suite

Facebook (Meta) is a content monolith. With all of its current offerings such as Marketplace, Watch, Groups, and the news feed, it’s a big challenge to get traction and interaction on business pages. The Facebook Business Suite app makes it much easier to streamline all of the tasks associated with managing a Facebook business page. The app is totally free and supplies robust analytics. Page managers can also adjust posts, comment, and interact in other ways.

7. Ads Management

Want to be able to run Instagram or Facebook ads from your phone? The Facebook Ads Manager app makes it easy to create ads, stay on top of campaigns, budgets, and edits, and get timely notifications. Like the Facebook Business Suite, it gives you useful analytical information that you can act on immediately. It’s also a free app.

8. Reputation

Your online reputation affects every aspect of your business, from your bottom line, to your hiring. to your ability to scale. With the exponential growth of social media, your company’s actions can boost or jeopardize your reputation in a short amount of time. Apps like Mention help you stay aware of what’s being said about your business. It monitors blog posts, social media, reviews, and news sites, giving you up-to-date reports on the content of the mentions. Mention offers free plans as well as tiered paid options.

Selecting a few carefully vetted apps can make a real difference in the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. It can also make the process much easier and more fun. Adopt a few of these tools to improve your marketing outcomes.

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