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8 Trending Technological Advancements To Notice In 2020

Trending Technological Advancements, 5G Networking, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence Products, Storage technology

We are well-aware of the fact that technology is in continuous advancement, which has allowed it to conquer wonders in our world. The current era is striving for a better future, and hence, the pace of the advancements have become faster. In the year 2020, there are many trends in technology that are something to intrigue us. We have come up with eight picks of technological advancements that we all should be following. 

5G Networking

After 4G, everybody had an excitement as to what 5G will hold for the world. 5G coming into existence has created a buzz around as the impact is going to be enormous. Every industry, business, and sector of life will be able to take advantage of this handy piece of technology. The revolution that it is bringing to the communication sector is magnificent. From industries to the smartphone of an ordinary man, the grand revolution that comes with it is enough to call it the future of communication. Also, our fast-paced life is awaiting the advent of this technology quite desperately because it has become the need of the moment. Almost everybody is looking forward to the 5G world to takeover. 

Human Augmentation

Technology has always strived to make human life better. But this piece of technology works on humans itself. It is an interesting technological development and works to make humans a better version of themselves. It strengthens the existing abilities of a person and when implanted makes even those tasks easier for him which were usually not possible to execute. It is still advancing, but the main motive revolves around this idea. Take the example of miners whos use technological gadgets and tools to ensure extra safety at work. Also, the soldiers have such tools available for them all through human augmentation. It also enhances mental abilities and allows a person to make better decisions. There is a plethora of other functionalities that this technology can hold and there can even be more. In short, it works on making humans better. 

Artificial Intelligence and its Products

The IT sector has been thriving in overwhelming us with the advent of Artificial Intelligence and its vastness. Now, the products that it is bringing forward on the AI pattern are also a cause of utter bewilderment. There are many trends in this niche, and the mind-reading and efficient gadgets are just the beginning to it. The year 2020 is positive to hold many more advancements. The vastness of this technology covers a large number of products like robots and other such tools. Even robot delivery and automation come under this area. It is still emerging and developing and has a lot in store for us to amaze us. 


We walk into a superstore and see the door opening on its own. The same is the case for an elevator. But the year 2020 is taking automation in our lives to another level. From business mechanisms to the educational sector, everything will get propelled by the advancement that is going to invade our world. Even we will witness the automation in data science. From the predictions that we got, automation is likely to get on its peak within the next decade. There are quite many pieces on automation by Nursing Assignmentwhich you can check out. 


You are probably not listening to it for the first time as it has been there for a while. But the year 2020 is positive to hold some significant growth in this field. As more people are getting involved in it, the technology is emerging, which is partly because of the newly found threats in this niche. Afterall data security means a lot, and we cannot hand it over to the hackers. Hence, some level of protection has to be there, which is possible through cybersecurity. Even career opportunities are growing in this area because we need more individuals who can make such security more accessible to us.

Internet of Things

As the invasion of IoT has successfully stirred excitement with its capabilities, it has started to grow further. To make the connectivity more accessible, we have more items with WiFi now than ever. It is the present and the future of a hi-tech world which is building around us. From home appliances to business machinery, everything can connect through it. It is just the beginning phases of it, and we believe it has much more to cover on a large scale. With the existing IoT tools, we have already made our lives better, safer, more efficient, and more maintained. The upcoming tools will bring along the benefits that we have not yet imagined. The popularity that this piece of technology has gained makes it evident that it will flourish more in the coming years. 

Cloud Technology

With the trending cloud computing and storage technology followed across the globe, we are next going to witness distributed cloud. The enormous advantages which it will bring will get embraced by multiple industries. It will assist in connecting the cloud distributed operations of the cloud technology to a location that is going to be enormous. It is still being worked upon but is soon to get recognition in the world. 

The Powerful Edge Computing

A powerful tool that can bring data storage and its computation nearer to each other, Edge Computing is another latest and trending technology to further advance in 2020. The IoT technology is serving as a backup to this evolution of Edge Computing. The rise in this technology has started on an excellent footing, and it might even take off to a greater level. Packaged deliveries by Amazon drone is one such example if this technology. 

Technology is growing and advancing every minute. With it, we have even more pressure on us to aware of the individuals and educate them about it. Also, the educational institutions are including such trends in their learning curriculums to allow the young minds to cope up with the world. 

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Trending Technological Advancements, 5G Networking, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence Products, Storage technology

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