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8 Tips on How to Create a Great Marketing Video

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Video is now popular for use in promoting all kinds of products online. You can see that a lot of well-received products have video reviews and walkthroughs posted on YouTube. Not every video that is posted online can convert and give you referral business. The video must be interesting and engaging to become profitable. The following are 8 tips on how to create great marketing videos. Exploring tools like Promo, a video ad creator is a good place to start.

Create a Storyline

If you watch commercials on YouTube, you will have noticed that most of these clips have a story. The story is what makes the video interesting to watch. No one likes to watch a video that keeps talking about the facts one after another. So, the first step is to brainstorm a story that relates to your product. It must convince the audience why they should buy your product.

Make a Video Intro that Stands Out

The video intro must stand out if you want people to watch to the end. The video intro is the same as when you are greeting a group of people and you want to give them a good first impression. The best length of the video intro is 3 – 7 seconds. However, you should make the intro as long as 20 – 30 seconds depending on your needs. Statistics show that about half of the viewers click away when the intro is longer than 30 seconds. It is best to keep the intro short and crisp instead of spending a long time explaining something. 

Create a Stimulating Title

You should create a title that people want to click. For example, put keywords on the things that people are searching for in the title. The keyword must be relevant to the video content. Besides, you should also not spam the title with too many keywords. The title should be succinct, descriptive, and straight to the point. The long title often gets ignored. The title must be on-topic and tell the audience what they are to expect in the video. Misleading titles will make your audience feel like they have been deceived into clicking a video they thought is what they are looking forward to watching.

Optimize Your Video for Mobile

Mobile video consumption is increasingly popular on YouTube. Therefore, you should consider optimizing your video for the mobile device before uploading. To optimize a video for mobile means to ensure that it fits in the screen of the mobile device. Many hosting sites will auto-adjust the video for the phone screen. However, you should personally optimize it for mobile just in case the site where you upload the video does not support auto-resizing. The thumbnail should also be enticing when viewed on a mobile screen. Mobile-friendly videos are kept brief because mobile viewers are always traveling from place to place. To make your video load fast, you can reduce the size of the image, and audio track in the video clip.

Add Music to Video

You can add music to create a positive atmosphere in the video. The music you choose depends on the video content. An upbeat background soundtrack is best for a video that gives a walkthrough of the product features. Sad music should be used for videos with sad-looking pictures. On the other hand, happy music can be used on videos with a happy storyline. Choosing the right music can improve the viewer’s experience. On the other hand, the wrong music can cause the audience to misunderstand the message.

Add Caption to Video

It will be best to add captions to the video so that people can understand the message on the screen when they turn off the volume. Captions also allow the viewers to interact with the video. Survey shows that CTA clicks drop when the captions are removed from the video. Videos with captions get 16% more CTA clicks compared to those without captions according to the survey. You can make the captions big and the color matches with the video design.

Use Video Editor Ready Templates

If you want to save time, you can use a video editor with ready templates to make your video. It allows you to choose free scenes and footage from the built-in library. You will be able to customize the text to the color theme of the video. The ready template is affordable compared to hiring a professional team to design the video. It costs a few thousand dollars to hire a professional team to create a 1 – 2 minutes video. It is the best option for people who are on a budget and don’t have money to invest in expensive gear. 

With VEED you add music to your videos online with no account required. Whether you are looking to voiceover a video, or add your favorite music, we’ve got you covered. Our web app is super simple and works on both Mac and PC. You can edit all video file types and also all popular audio files such as MP3 and WAV. Perfect for creating social media videos – YouTube, Instagram, and more!

Outsource the Video Project

You can consider outsourcing the video project if you feel that you can’t create the video yourself. There are lots of professional video producers that can help you with your project. You can find someone that suits your budget in places like UpWork and Fiverr. You can also ask friends to refer to you some great places to order video production services.

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