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8 Skills You Should Master to Shine When the Pandemic Is Over

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The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed workplaces permanently. The shift to remote working is altering the old habits – making way for new patterns across the world.

With new opportunities emerging, there is a call for change in almost every sector. Businesses and organizations are looking to reskill their employees. As such, if you want to stay competitive, here are some coveted skills that you will need in the post-pandemic workplace.

1. Self Direction 

Amidst all the changes happening, organizations are looking for employees who can take ownership of their roles. You will have to take charge of your careers and make it a point to develop the necessary skills required.

This includes taking the initiative to identify which resources and support systems you will need to do your job effectively. You might also have to collaborate with other organizations to acquire them. In other words, it is no longer effective to wait for your employer to give you the training or introduce you to a network. You will have to replace it with a proactive attitude.

2. Digital Savviness

The world is going through an unparalleled rate of digital transformation. Technological innovations are taking over every aspect of work and life. The developments in artificial intelligence, big data, and the IoT will continue to make significant changes in how businesses handle their operations.

And consequently, anyone who can help companies take advantage of these technologies will be in a great position. Regardless of which industry you are working in, you will need to be comfortable with the upcoming tech tools in order to stand out.

3. Data Literacy 

Data is becoming one of the most valuable assets for every company. Businesses are already working with resources and career advice experts such as to help them strategize for a better future. Access to the right data enables companies to predict the future direction of their businesses. It also allows them to serve the customers better and prepare for the expectations.

That said, the key is that companies can understand the data to identify business trends. Any amount of data is useless unless there are people equipped to analyze and make sense of it. Now, this job is not exclusive to data scientists. In every field, the job will require you to consider data and base your decisions on it. Therefore, job seekers who have a grasp of data management will undoubtedly be more appealing to prospective employers.

4. Communication Management 

This one skill has always been in demand in every business. However, today, your communication skills need to extend across multiple platforms. Most of the collaboration takes place online.

This means you will not only have to focus on verbal and written communication – but also on how you interact through a screen. There is an emphasis on levity and conciseness to be able to get your thoughts and concepts across in an efficient way. Additionally, you will also have to be well-versed with different digital communication tools and work on your tactics during video conferencing. If you are able to engage effectively during Zoom calls, it will certainly go as one of your accomplishments in today’s job landscape.

5. Coding Skills 

Any kind of digital skills, including web development, digital marketing, and coding, is about to become more important than ever. Candidates with these capabilities will be able to get more interviews and become more valuable to their current employers as well.

If you have the necessary skills to keep a business running – during economic downturns or pandemics, you are going to be on the must-hire list for any recruiter. Working on your digital skills can be the right move to invest in your career for the foreseeable future.

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6. Leadership Skills

Technology skills are crucial, but so is the ability for you to apply them well to your job position. Managers will have to combine the two and demonstrate that they can effectively lead teams.

It is likely that many companies might not go back to office workspaces permanently. As such, managers who can get the best possible results from remote employees while keeping the team morale high will be sought after by the hiring managers.

Along the lines of good leadership is the capability to motivate oneself and the rest of the team. In addition to the intellectual skills to perform your job, being able to persuade the rest of the team can be an effective remedy to inertia during uncertain times.

7. Emotional Skills 

Your emotional intelligence can be the pillar to balance your personal and professional lives. It is the ability to differentiate, evaluate and respond to one’s own emotions while recognizing that of others. It is a highly coveted skill, especially for leadership roles. But in the current scenario, its relevance is applicable to every position.

When we say emotional intelligence, we are talking about traits such as empathy, self-awareness, self-regulation, and other social skills that will allow you to build and maintain relationships. Employees with higher EI can navigate their work relationships more effectively while having a positive impact on others as well.

8. Committing to Continuous Learning 

In all likeliness, in another five years, we could be looking at a different set of skills preferred by employers. What seems indispensable might be easily replaceable in the future. Therefore, if there is one skill that will stay relevant throughout is the ability to commit and to constantly improve yourself.

No matter how advanced you are in a field, you will have to strive to acquire new skills and stay updated. Today, with online courses and certifications, there is no need for you to enroll in a college to build your skillset. There are countless open programs available that can fit into any tough schedule.

However, you should be adaptive and flexible in order to benefit from the career resources available. Talent managers will be redesigning their hiring strategies based on these fundamental skills. As such, it will be best that you start sooner rather than later – so that you can incorporate these to craft a winning resume that can beat any applicant tracking process and land your dream job.

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