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8 Self-Employment Myths to Bust Before Becoming Your Own Boss

Be your own boss

When you’re thinking about taking the reins of your own career, fear can be a significant obstacle keeping you behind the desk at your nine-to-five. While the idea of self-employment is alluring, the reality can be far from rosy. To help you make the best decisions about becoming your own boss, it’s important to bust the myths that hold you back from starting a business.

Self-employment has to be unbearably stressful

The experience of having a business is what you make it. You can reduce the stress by playing to your strengths and prioritizing time management. For example, if you don’t do your best work in the morning, consider changing your work schedule for a later start. Self-employment is all about having the freedom to make the best choices for yourself and your business.

You can also use tech tools to work smarter, not harder. Platforms like Google Suite can keep all of your documents and appointments in one place, accessible from any computer with an Internet connection.

Other helpful tools include products like the iPostal1 virtual mailbox. A virtual mailbox is an actual location that receives and manages mail on your behalf. You can use the address as your business address and know whether you have mail without ever leaving home, cutting time and stress out of your jam-packed be-your-own-boss schedule.

Self-employment is lonely

This myth is easily busted, especially since self-employed people often have employees or a network of other freelancers. When you work for yourself, you can hire the people you like, making your time at work more enjoyable than when you worked for someone else.

Self-employed people only build businesses to sell them

This perception couldn’t be further from the truth, as many self-employed people make businesses to pass to the next generation and because they enjoy working for themselves. Entrepreneurs often start companies to sell them, but not all self-employed people are entrepreneurs at heart.

There is nothing wrong with starting businesses with the intent to sell later. There is also nothing wrong with starting a business and then deciding to close it. You can also keep a company for as long as you want. When you work for yourself, it’s your prerogative to make business choices that fit your needs.

Self-employment is complicated

Taxes, payroll, and licensing paperwork can be complicated. Being your own boss doesn’t mean going at it alone–you can outsource to professionals if you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed. If you prefer to do everything yourself, turn to YouTube or websites that teach you to complete and submit forms while following rules and regulations.

Self-employment does not offer growth opportunities

When you work for yourself, you have unlimited growth opportunities, and you’re free to pursue other skills or avenues at your leisure. Your growth is in your hands. Explore the tax benefits of work-related training before choosing your growth opportunities to ensure you’re winning the most out of your self-development.

Self-employment is boring

While you can’t expect every minute to be full of excitement, self-employment is far from boring. You have the opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, and implement ideas without having to wade through any bureaucracy.

Self-employment requires years of experience at other workplaces

Opening a business does not require years of experience. You don’t even need a degree in business to do it. How many times have you heard of teens and young twenty-somethings opening successful companies? You only need an idea and some drive to make it work.

Self-employed people must cater to customers

One of the biggest myths in all businesses is about the customer always being right. In your business, you are the expert. Of course, you need customers to purchase your product or service, but you don’t have to put up with abuse, irrational behavior, or meanness. Turning away unruly customers is perfectly acceptable, and your more mild-mannered customers will appreciate it.

Wrap up

It’s perfectly normal to experience anxiety when starting a business. While many self-employment myths exist, you shouldn’t let them get in your way. Evaluate them, trust your instinct, and do what is right for you.

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