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8 Reasons to Consider LTAC Nursing Career in Louisiana


LTAC nursing jobs from Gifted Healthcare in Louisiana are continuously giving job opportunities for nurses who are qualified to work for them. Nurses are getting motivated to have specialization since most in-demand nurses this pandemic season require specialization and nurses with specialization get higher offers. 

Go the Extra Mile 

It is known that nurses always go beyond their duties and responsibilities but as an LTAC nurse, you will be assisting patients that are mostly elderly or with limited mobility. Apart from giving them medical care, you will also be expected to help them with their personal care. BY being an LTAC nurse you can be able to help your patients with their medical needs as well as personal needs.

Build Relationships with Patients and their Families

Since you will be working with the same patients for a long time. You will be able to build a bond. Relationships between nurses and patients can become better if they are together for a long time. IT will be less stressful on your part since you know your patients better plus you can connect with their families easier and discuss with them the needs of your patients.

Grow As an Individual

As you take care of your elderly patients you will learn things with them. Elderly people like to share their life stories, from these stories you can get lessons that you can apply in your life. You can also be inspired by your patients who have disabilities since they are stronger than you think. 

Work with a Special Team 

As an LTAC nurse, you will be working with doctors, fellow nurses, therapists, and other people from the medical team. Patients in LTAC units have individualized treatment plans created by a team. You will be included in the team and this can be beneficial for you since you can earn knowledge from your teammates and be able to apply them to advance or grow your career. 

Have Job Security 

Since your job requires you to be there for your patients for a longer period, then you can have job security. Sometimes job security for nurses is an issue, this can be a good opportunity to get assurance that you can have a longer contract with your job. 

Work in Your Area

Some nurses have to be assigned to different places to be able to get the job they want. LTAC units can be found anywhere, so there must be one in your area. This can make you work and still stay closer to your family. 

Work Calmly

Working in an LTAC unit gives you a calmer environment compared to working in medical facilities. An emergency may arise but it doesn’t happen every day. As long as you do your duties and responsibilities, an emergency won’t likely occur. 

Get the Chance to Join a Hospital System 

By working in an LTAC unit you can learn how a system works and be able to use this knowledge once you will work in different units in the future. 

What is an LTAC Nurse?

LTAC nurses are nurses that care for patients who need long-term care. From the meaning of long-term acute care, LTAC nurses need to have special skills to be able to perform their duties and responsibilities. This includes assessment of patients, administration of medicine, being a part of the individualized treatment plan, and other immediate medical procedures needed by the patient.  

Facts About LTAC Nurses in Louisiana

  • Louisiana is still in demand for LTAC nurses, especially in Monroe, Lafayette, and Charles. If you are from that area it will be a good opportunity to grab the job. 
  • Home and community service are available for LTAC nurses this means they can have more flexible options instead of only working in the LTAC units. This can be more convenient for them and will practice their flexibility when it comes to serving patients. 

Knowing the 8 reasons to consider an LTAC nursing career in Louisiana can motivate you to be qualified as one or work as one if you are ready to do so. Grab the opportunity while it is in demand so you can get higher compensation and more experience as well. 

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