8 Popular Technology Trends in the Travel Industry

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Technology Trends in the Travel Industry

Technology has transformed the world in an outstandingly tremendous fashion. It has simplified life. Extensive time management has taken place as the task time has limited to days and minutes. Technology has become an integral part of life as without it nobody imagines living anymore. The human instinct of exploring new places urges him to travel around the world. Travelling has emerged with the development of technology. Planning the trips is made easier and simpler as technology saves time and helps in before time planning.

For businesses in the travel industry, especially PCO Car Hire technology plays a ferociously dynamic role.

1. Internet of Things (IoT)

One of the most fabulous evolving travel technology trends is the Internet of Things (IoT) which connects multiple users. It entails internet-based inter-connectivity between everyday devices, which allows the transfer of data in both directions. The travel and tourism industry pays an acknowledgment to this technology trend and it is only going to increase exponentially.

For example, this technology implies the usage of sensors so that luggage can be installed, and passengers will be alerted as they pass by.

2. Recognition Technology

This is a fabulous technology and rates high on the list. This technology is all about fingerprint and facial recognition, retina scanning and various other methods to identify human beings. It will help in identifying your potential customers and giving them discounts or promotional rates while traveling.

Whereas, soon, it is expected from this technology that it may allow customers to pay for care fares as soon as they exit the car or vehicle.

Ways to Use Facial Recognition in the Travel Industry

  1. To improve the personalization of customers, this technology feature can be used. Customers can be identified in the real-world and services can be provided to them based on their database. 
  2. Facial recognition can be used to help stop the crime or identify troublesome visitors in PCO Car Hire. Using an internal database, the technology can carefully alert driving staff to the presence of people with a history of bad behavior. In such a way it can be reported to police or necessary action may be taken. 
  3. Data plays a critical role in allowing them to convey outstanding services and optimize their processes. Facial recognition will help in the collection of data automatically while traveling in any car. The technology can also tell if someone is male or female, and what is their estimated age accordingly. This will provide reliable information about the customer’s demographics and how they respond to the services. 
  4. Payments can be made through a smartphone camera, with the image being matched to the picture of a person in the database. 

3. Virtual Reality (VR)

 Virtual reality or VR has evolved phenomenally in the recent past decade. This technology allows customers to digitally visit a recreational place or a specific spot. This allows destinations to be shown before anyone travels to see them know whether they are worthwhile or not. Though it is similar to Augmented Reality but much more expensive. So affording it is a serious decision.

4. Augmented Reality (AR)

This technology is like virtual reality. This entails augmenting a person’s real surroundings rather than replacing them. It is much cheaper than VR which is an awesome benefit. Users will only require a mobile or tablet device with access to the internet so that they can avail of this technology. It is much more convenient to use this technology than virtual reality.

5. Robotics

Robots are used for a variety of reasons. For example, in airports, they can be used to detect weapons. They can also be used for pre-screening purposes. Robotics can help you know your future destination and allow you to book any hotel rooms for your future traveling.

Robotic versus Human Service

Robots are more consistent than humans and much more accurate as far as calculations are concerned. Unlike a human staff member, a robotic figure will never get tired improving the productivity of business tremendously. Moreover, for a robotic service, you don’t need to pay salaries or pass employment regulations. They can work 365 days a year and do not require any break to recharge themselves. Also, they do not need any incentives or motivational boosts. Hence, there is a large aptitude towards hiring robots than human beings in the latest travel business.

6. Artificial Intelligence

For customer services purpose, artificial intelligence is being used. The most vital use in the travel industry is for client service purposes. There are chatbots installed which possess the ability to deliver rapid response times to problems or queries. These chatbots also can learn continuously from interactions with customers. Artificial Intelligence can accurately and meticulously provide the data of customers who are traveling. The data is then sorted out and conclusions are drawn about the business performance. Also, the analysis of customer satisfaction trends is made. Also, the inventories are managed by artificial intelligence with much ease and comfort

7. Big Data

In the travel industry, all companies are deploying their techniques of data collection about the customers. Since the industry of travel is expanding furiously, based on past trends, customer’s levels of demand are anticipated. When demand is guessed, pricing and promotional tactics can also be optimized.

8. 5G Technology

Travel technology becomes more rigorous with the help from 5G networks as they promise much faster uploading and downloading speeds. 5G also allows for wider coverage and much more stable connections. The speed is enhanced to 20 times faster than before, 5G allows the deployment of technology that was previously limited by 4G. That means that the connection between devices will be much more efficient and everyone will truly enjoy the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Conclusive Notion

Hence, with the help of this article, you can understand the amazing significance of technology in the travel industry. How the world is connected and how the globe is becoming accessible to all travel lovers. You can travel with the best customer services and zero chances of vandalism or theft. The criminal scope is deteriorated to zero percent. To gain more perception in this regard, you can check Pace Hire and improve your chances of a flourishing travel business.


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