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8 Digital Skills You Can Learn From Home Absolutely Free

Digital Skills

8 Digital Skills You Can Learn From Home

The millennials have proven that they are untouchable when it comes to automation of every single activity. It started simply with the telephone, and right now we are in an age and time where authors don’t have to physically type their novels. The thing with technology, though, is that if you are left behind, even by a single month, the digital skills you have might already be obsolete. Apps are updated daily, easier ways of communication invented every month, and every year, we move a step closer to absolute automation. Therefore, in one way or another, you have to keep up.

There are a number of digital skills that you can easily learn from the comfort of your couch, as they do not require any special education requirements. They are listed below:

Social Media

Social media is all the rage at the moment. Through social media platforms, people are able to rant, share funny memes and jokes, encourage each other and even market businesses, among other activities. There is no class that you will attend to learn how to navigate Facebook or share a picture on Instagram. These are skills that you will have to learn yourself by use of directions in the app, or even using tutorials on YouTube, assuming you know how to navigate it. Social media skills are very beneficial as they enable you to communicate with friends, share your stories, opinions, and photographs and advertise your business as well.

Microsoft Office

If you own a personal computer, you can easily teach yourself how to navigate Microsoft Office. Microsoft office is a software for personal computers that includes three programs. There is Microsoft Word, which is where typing is done, and using this software, you can read word documents. Microsoft word is useful if you have to type a document like a CV, or read a document that has been sent to you, like application instructions to a college. Microsoft PowerPoint is a software that is involved with presentations. If you have a presentation to give either in school or at work, Microsoft PowerPoint comes in handy. The Excel sheet is used for data entry and can be used by some professionals like accountants for their everyday work activities. You might have data entry needs, and this can be enabled with Microsoft Excel.


Networking digital skills are used by businesses to market their products. It is done using several methods, including Google clicks and SEO to attract traffic. This is a skill that can be easily learned at home by reading blog posts and watching tutorials, and it can go a long way. Using the networking skill, you can advertise your business, and you can even get employed by a company that offers networking services.

Touch Typing

Touch typing is typing without looking at the keyboard. This is a skill that can be easily learned without necessarily attending a class. The keyboard on which a typist can learn touch typing is the QWERTY keyboard, which at the moment, everyone owns, whether on their phones or on their computers. Touch typing is easily learned by using all the fingers for typing which enables your mind to easily retain muscle memory. You can easily find free typing lessons online and if you practice every day, you will see the results very soon. With this skill, you can get employed working as a typist if you are fast enough. It also enables you to quickly respond to your messages and emails.

Online Shopping

This is a must have skill at this age and time, and it is a skill that you can easily learn on your own. Due to the extensive market that is seen on the internet, we have even more businesses availing their products online to be bought, and then delivering these products directly to the customer. A good example of an online shopping platform is Amazon, a site that sells everything from clothes to books. By learning how to navigate online shopping sites, you allow yourself absolute convenience as you can buy food and any other items from the comfort of your couch.

Digital Financing

There are many digital financing platforms that are used for payments online. Using these platforms, you can pay for products you buy online, like on Amazon, and you can receive payments through these platforms. Examples are PayPal and Skrill, and these digital financing platforms are linked with your bank to ensure efficiency in the transfer of funds. These platforms are easy to navigate, and their major advantage is that you are provided with a lot of conveniences. You can buy and pay for products from your home.


Are you passionate about anything? Say, nature, fashion, books or movies? The digital skill that you must have is blogging. A blog is a website that provides information about something, and the posts are the opinion of the writer. This is an easy skill that you can learn by yourself. You can start your own blog for free at WordPress, BlogSpot or any other related site. The major benefit of blogging as a skill is that you are able to share your ideas, skills, and opinions with the world.

BASIC Coding

BASIC coding is programming where beginners learn to use the simple programming languages to learn how to make simple websites and applications. This is a skill that you can learn on your own by the use of YouTube tutorials and reading books. There are many advantages associated with learning how to code, one basic advantage being the ability to make simple websites and applications. On a larger scale, you can get a career in the tech industry as a programmer if you are really good at it.

All these are just a few of the DIY digital skills that you can master. Do not be obsolete and ensure that you keep up with the technology!

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My name is Adam Fort, I’m an education strategist at This project helps children and adults to learn touch typing via an online typing test and lessons. I am in charge of developing the proper typing lessons and exercise for typists who want to improve their typing speed. I also have a commercial pilot’s license which I’m proud of.
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