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8 Best Appliance Repair Services Near Me

Major kitchen appliances

Living in Pittsburgh gives you plenty of choices for appliance repair services. If you face any unexpected issues with your washing machine or electric oven, Pittsburgh Appliance Repair is there to help you. It would be wise to check all the available alternatives for appliance repair services in the greater Pittsburgh area. That will help you have a comparative analysis of all services and know your needs and aspirations.

Steel City Appliance Repair

They deal with kitchen appliances, washer and dryer repairs. Their site is quite informative about their services and the pricing. You can easily call them simply by dialing the number available on their website. Steel City Appliance Repair has more than 180 five-star reviews on Google and keeps trying to satisfy all customers.

Appliance Services LLC

It’s a family-owned business run by Patrick Shields, a skilled technician with deep knowledge of kitchen appliances, dryers, and washing machines. Appliance Services LLC also offers appliance installation, repair and maintenance, garbage disposal installation, and connection of any gas appliances. They deal with customers in a friendly tone and are always available.

Steve’s One Day Service

Steve’s One Day Service was founded in 1971. Located in South Park, PA, it can easily serve the Pittsburgh residents with all their kitchen and washing appliances issues. It has been one of the first appliance maintenance services licensed in Pennsylvania, and it guarantees same-day appliance repair. 

Dyson Service Center

It’s the maintenance service dedicated to vacuum cleaner devices. It serves the greater Pittsburgh metropolitan area for several years, giving fast and reliable solutions to any problems you may have with Dyson dust, vacuum cleaners, or any other brand. Dyson Service Center is one of the 5-star places to get your appliance repair. That’s for their staff’s kindness and professionalism in handling any issues with your appliance.

At Home Appliance Repair

At Home Appliance, Repair offers its services by visiting you at home. They perform a diagnosis of the situation on-site and usually have the right spare part to replace and make your appliance work like brand new. The company focuses on cooktop, dryer, freezer, dishwasher, and gas appliance repair. Thus, it covers almost 100% of the average American household offering you more chances to find your solution in a fast and affordable way.

Washer’s and More Appliance Repair

Your home appliances are too valuable to trust their repair in inexperienced hands. Washer’s and More Appliance Repair does its best to answer your call and visit your place the same day. They perform multiple diagnostic tests and cleaning processes to ensure that everything works smoothly and detects any malfunction. You may call them for any issues with your dryer, washer, stove, and Irving Refrigerator Repair, and they usually reply within 24 hours of the first call. You may expect them to accept all forms of payment, including credit cards and Apple pay.

Penn Hills Appliance Parts

Located in Penn Hills, PA, this appliance maintenance service can handle calls from the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. They focus on all the electric appliances, including washers, dryers, ovens, and refrigerators. You can use any form of payment to clear your dues, and they usually respond to your call within 24 hours of the first contact. Penn Hill Appliance Parts also have their offices in Pittsburgh to serve people who would like to bring their appliances for service and maintenance. That takes you less time and makes it more effective for Penn Hill Appliance Parts to offer a competitive price for your appliance service.

Pittsburgh Appliance Repair

Pittsburgh Appliance Repair hires only the highest-skilled personnel to give you a complete solution to your appliance malfunction issues. They offer fast, quality service with a 100% guarantee for the parts replaced and the work done. You may feel sure that all maintenance services are pocket-friendly and affordable for the average Pittsburgh resident. Being fully registered to operate within the state, Pittsburgh Appliance Repair is proud to send you the most experienced technicians to diagnose your appliance issues and offer you their best advice for your case. They can deal with all home appliances, like dryers, washers, ovens, freezers, and stoves. Their call center would be happy to record your call and send a qualified technician to check your appliance status within the same day.

Having your appliance repair is challenging, requiring you to trust the technicians coming to your place and performing repair work for them. A licensed and reputable company would be the one to make you feel more satisfied at the end of the day.

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