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7 Ways How Technology is Impacting Modern Education

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The world is changing at a rapid pace, with more and more technological innovations affecting and enhancing our daily lives in a lot of different ways. Life nowadays is very different from how it was just a couple of decades ago, thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, the internet, apps, and other technological advancements. We’re especially seeing these new devices and systems helping with education, as students have more tools than ever before for everything from engaging with lessons more interactively through the power of online course platforms, to virtual reality and to getting assistance with their essay writing.

1. Global Learning

The internet has helped to effectively make the world a smaller place, bringing people together and empowering us all with an unmatched means of communication and exchange. Teachers and students are taking advantage of the power of the internet through global learning, a system in which students are able to exchange directly with people in other countries, learning more about their cultures and identities in the process, as well as enhancing their language skills. It’s like an exchange program, only so much more accessible.

2. Reading

One of the most exciting modern innovations has been the development of the e-reader, a device that lets us store and access a veritable library of books all on one device. There are so many advantages to the use of these devices, especially for students. Having to purchase and carry lots of different textbooks and academic resources can be a real challenge for a lot of students. With an e-reader and e-books, young people can have instant access to all the textbooks they need, and there’s plenty of room for this technology to evolve further in the future.

3. Digital Simulations

A big part of the learning process, especially in scientific fields, is performing experiments or making use of hypothetical ideas to explain and demonstrate to students how certain reactions occur. Many experiments are off-limits in a classroom environment due to the risks associated with them, but with digital technology, teachers can safely show the effects of these kinds of experiments through harmless simulations.

4. Writing Assistance

Writing essays, reports, and presentations is a big part of student life, and every student has to engage with this kind of activity during the course of their academic life in order to improve their skills and boost their understanding of certain topics. Sometimes, however, a little assistance from an essay service can go a long way to help students see where they’re going wrong and write stronger reports in the future. Companies like BrillAssignment offer essay writing and essay review services for students.

5. Online Discussion

Another amazing way in which the internet has proven to be such a useful tool for students is through the use of forums, chatrooms, and message boards. Designed with students in mind, these spaces allow students to engage with one another, share ideas, ask for help or advice with areas or concepts they might be struggling with, and get constructive feedback on their own work. These kinds of messaging systems can even be used to let students communicate with their teachers.

6. More Options

In the past, students were limited in terms of how they learned. Pens, paper, and books were all they had. Now, with the power of the internet and the boundless educational resources it offers, they can access videos, podcasts, documents, webpages, apps, and so much more to learn in a lot of different ways. The same thing happens in the classroom, where teachers can, for example, make use of a program like Google Maps to help students learn more about geography.

7. Stronger Engagement

In line with the point above, the many options available to both students and teachers nowadays also ensures that students are able to engage more deeply with their education. In the past, they had to visit a library or speak to people they knew to hopefully learn more about certain subjects. Nowadays, they can use their own devices and the internet to learn and see how the issues they’re being taught actively apply in the real world, giving them more motivation to engage with classes and seek out further knowledge and understanding.


Technology may have its critics, but the advantages it offers in an educational environment are simply unparalleled. Recent technological advancements have completely changed the game for students and teachers everywhere, giving them so many more options and ways to engage and learn more actively and enjoyably on a daily basis. Some teachers have struggled to embrace technology, but the benefits of doing so are clear to see, and every new innovation provides so much potential for teachers to offer stronger educational experiences to each of their students and really give young people the best possible start in life.

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