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7 UX Trends to Follow for Exponential Sales Growth

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The principal objective of every single business is to generate revenue and eCommerce websites help to accelerate this process. A custom design, a responsive website based on the latest UX/UI trends aids in attracting quality leads.

Listed below are seven website conversion boosting, must-follow UX design trends.

Age Responsiveness

Responsive web design help businesses to win more and more business. However, with the clearly defined demographics, your UI design should also be age-responsive. It means you need to understand that people from different age groups react differently to different web layouts, aesthetic and content. If you don’t have a clue how to do it, consult a reliable web design agency for professional assistance.

If you want to increase the likelihoods of people connecting to your site and where it counts, you need to customize the UI design based on their perceived ages. For instance, companies dealing with big data analysis tools should give a balanced, classy and elegant feel to improve the user experience. In contrast, a fashion brand will go funky and bold. Reason? Interaction of different age groups with two different brands.

Skeleton Screens

Skeleton screens facilitate user interactions. It helps to focus more on progress rather than allowing wait times for web pages to refresh and load. Users want to advance toward their goals without any glitch. It happens when content loads immediately.

Skeleton screens improve the feel of action that may take a longer time to happen than a decisecond (100 milliseconds). It’s mainly because these screens focus on ‘content being loaded’ and not ‘its loading’ and that’s the real-time progress – fast and contended UI feel.

Animated CTAs

Call-to-action buttons play a vital role in boosting the site’s conversion rate. But, an animated CTA will be your web page’s hero so, you need to have perfect CTAs for your website. Simple animation with compelling effects will help to attract the attention of the site users in a better way.

Don’t go overboard. Stay subtle to avoid the chances of annoying the site visitors. Call the users attention effectively by setting a well-refined movement after every second.

Scrolled Navigation

Scrolling is a widely accepted phenomenon since 2017. This year it gained further momentum primarily because of the rising trend of trump navigation. The concept of above-the-fold content on multiple pages is still in practice, but telling a compelling story along with overcoming the potential objections to entice the conversions in a single page have become more meaningful. 

Scrolling trumps navigational design allows to direct your prospective customers to well-planned, insightful and conversion-focused journey instead of leaving them to wander around the site.

Audience-Specific Landing Pages:

How many of you heard about the death of the homepage? Seems crazy? Not wholly vanished from the web design game but homepage devaluation is real. The latest UI trend is to deliver specially crafted custom messages to different target audience segments.

‘Landing page first’ is relatively a new approach in web design tactics. It means you need to create the audience-specific landing pages based on their behavioral insights. Here, you need to predict consumer preferences and then develop the audience personas targeting different demographics.

Value-Added Overlays

Remember all those interrupt digital ads a year ago? The day in the sun of this trend is over. To create authenticity and ease for web users, you need to emphasize on the overlays that offer something valuable to the potential customers without asking anything in return such as contact number or email.

Create value-added exit overlays and conditioned them in a way to attract people’s attention without causing them frustration. The exit intent overlays such as free trials, coupon codes and free shipping that help increase site’s conversion rate without disturbing the user experience. 

Persuasive Visual Content

A few years back, explainer videos were quite famous where the tone boom and animated characters were mainly used as presenters. They can hardly convert. For example, a chatbot can be a great way to communicate with the site users, but that cannot replace the original effect and efficiency of a real customer support representative.

Today, the real users seek for real feel and connectivity with whatever a brand presents them. You have to create authenticity in your visual content – a short video. Use real people in customer testimonial videos and products demos that will help to overcome all sorts of objections and assist in closing the deal real quick.

In brief, if you want to give your conversion rate a remarkable rise from the grave, you should follow all the UI design tactics as mentioned above.

Author Bio. :- Arun Som is the technical content writer of Hopinfirst that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology and having a great experience in software development, mobile app development, website development and digital marketing.

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