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7 Tips to Get More People to Like Your Instagram Posts  

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In 2018, Instagram exceeded the 1 billion user mark. With so many people using this popular social media site, it should be easy to get attention, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. 

While Instagram is a diverse platform with users from all walks of life, you must put in time and effort if you want to increase your engagement. The good news is, this doesn’t have to be difficult. If you are ready to boost your Instagram likes, use the tips found here. 

1. Share Amazing Photos 

Achieving success on Instagram requires dedication and planning. Only interesting information, photos, and posts are going to get you noticed. 

While you have the option of buying Instagram likes, If you post quality photos, you’re going to attract people organically, and they are going to come back time and time again. To ensure you are never short on great images, plan your content in advance. You’ll find this is one of the most effective tactics on this list. 

Consider using a service like to increase the number of followers. Make sure you vet the site you buy your followers from first. You can take a look on IncrediTools to find the best sites.

2. Use the Right Colors 

By now, you know that color has a psychological effect. However, there are certain colors that can lead to more likes on Instagram. 

For example, using mainly blue pictures can help you achieve up to 24 percent more likes than red images. Also, single color pictures versus multi-colored ones can help increase your likes by 17 percent. 

3. Use Hashtags and Call to Actions in Your Captions 

If you really want more likes, why not ask for them? 

All you have to do is include a simple message, such as “Please like this post” in the caption. You can also use overlay text on your image, which can help with likes. 

Take a cue from Fondr. This company regularly posts engaging quotes and then asks people to like them by posting a message in the caption. They have successfully used this tactic to get large numbers of likes which have helped to grow their Instagram following to more than a million. 

Also, posts that have 11 or more hashtags tend to get the most likes on Instagram. While you can go over 11, it’s not a good idea to surpass 15 hashtags, as it may make your post appear spammy. 

If you have decided to share something that is popular, use some of the 100 best Instagram hashtags to get likes. These are great for general topics. Check out these trending hashtags in 2020 at

4. Tag Your Location 

You may not be aware of this, but it has been proven that users like posts that are geotagged. Geotags are simply tags showing a geographic location. This is also smart for businesses, as it lets people see where you are located. 

To add this tag, you just have to click “Add Location,” check the list and select your location. After that, people can click on the location to see all the content that’s been tagged there. It’s a great way for more users to find your profile, which will eventually translate to more likes. 

5. Tag Other Users 

Why should you tag other people in your posts? The concept is simple. When you tag someone, it encourages them to engage with your post and to share it with their followers. 

Or, you can credit them if they were the ones who took the video or picture that you posted. 

It’s also a good idea to tag other Instagram users that are featured in your photos using the @-mention in your caption. You can also use the tagging functionality offered by Instagram. Both methods result in the person receiving a notification. 

6. Choose the Right Times to Post 

Posts that are published between 10 PM and 3 AM receive the most interactions. There are several reasons for this. However, something to keep I mind is that engagement rates are higher when the competition is lower. 

There are fewer people posting between the times mentioned above, which means there aren’t as many posts competing with yours. This leads to increased attention. More attention results in higher exposure. While this is true, you still need to experiment with this to see if you are reaching the right audience for your posts. 

With some experimentation, you will be able to find the proper posting schedule for your business

7.  Consider Running a Contest 

Giveaways and contests are gold mines when you are trying to grow engagement. Any campaign where users can win a prize can help bring in more followers. People love free stuff. 

One option is a like-to-win contest. These require entrants to like your post if they want the chance to win. This is a guaranteed like for your Instagram post. However, it’s not the only contest type that can benefit you. 

Get More People to Like Your Instagram Posts, instagram likes, likes on instagram, increase your likes

As long as you are giving away something people consider valuable, you are going to have engagement. This is the perfect opportunity to attract new visitors to your profile, which can result in more followers, increased engagement, and repeat visitors. 

As you can see, there are several ways you can increase your likes and engagement on Instagram. Try using the tips here to see how much attention and interaction you can generate with your posts.

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