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7 Tips To Consider When Designing Your Website

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There are a few chief considerations to keep in mind when designing your website to make the process a little more relaxed going.

1.      Your Target Audience

Understanding who your target audience is a vital consideration. You need to think about the demographic that you have in mind for your site.

2.      The Size Of Your Website

Once you have established who the website is going to be for, the next thing you should think about is the structure of your website, creating a site map with the homepage at the forefront. Each page needs to point back to the homepage. Think about the scale of your site and the information you want to be displayed. If this seems overwhelming you can enlist the services of a website design company like Calesence Digital.

3.      Content

When you’re contemplating on the overall design of your website, content should be on top of the list. You need to have content that lures people onto your site and make them stay put. Make sure you send out a clear message about your brand, services and why people should be using you or buying your products. Good content is engaging, is advantageous from an SEO standpoint, and can successfully convey your chief messages to your customers.

4.      Site Images

Once your content is taken care of, you need to think about the pictures you want to be included and where they will be coming from. You can take the photo’s yourself, or you can hire a photographer. Using a photographer is an expensive option, but this way, you can include high-quality images for your site. You can enlist the assistance of Instinct Marketing Web Design to help you with designing and setting up your website. You can make use of stock images. They are relatively cost-effective to obtain, and there is a library of images available online. However, they are generic and may not be the best choice to represent you fully.

5.      Brand

Some brands only have a website to represent them visually. You need to consider your brand image before your site is developed. A website isn’t an ad-hoc item, it is permanent, and that’s why you must carefully consider your previous branding, or if you don’t have this, you need to build your brand identity from scratch. 

6.      Usability

Usability is predominant when you want to achieve success with web design. Consistency must be visible throughout. Think about the elements that you want to use, like hover states, menus, buttons, etc. If you are including clickable items in rounded rectangles, then all the buttons must have rounded rectangles.

7.      Layout

When you are designing your website, it works on the same principle than designing a front page or poster. Your webpage must be organized in such a way that there is a right balance of text and images. Most users appreciate a good design when they are viewing online content. You need to implement a simple structure which is easily navigated and user-friendly. The more well-defined your website is, the easier it will be for users to navigate it.

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