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6 Things We Hate About The Latest iPhone 7

Latest iPhone

The Latest iPhone

Last week, Apple revealed its flagship phones, the latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at a press event. There is always a lot of hype around the unveiling of Apple devices. The latest flagship phones are certainly premium devices but there are six things we don’t like about it.

Headphone Jack Removed

The high-tech company has faced a lot of criticism on removing headphone jack. The headphone jack is replaced by a Lighting port. Lighting ear pods will also be available on the purchase of the device. This move, however, makes charging iPhone 7 and listening to music simultaneously very difficult and expensive.

AirPods Not Included

Apple introduced wireless earbuds with iPhone 7. These earbuds have a 24-hour battery life and can turn on as soon as worn by a user. However, there is a catch, The good looking efficient air pods do not come with the phone. They have to be purchased for $159.

No Wireless Charging

Wireless chargers are pretty popular with smartphone users. They give users a hassle-free way to charge their phones. Although Apple is looking to go wireless it still hasn’t incorporated the technology in its latest flagship phone.

No Water Damage Warranty Coverage

Apple has finally launched a phone that offers protection against water and dust. However, the company does not offer any warranty coverage in case of water damage. It is worth mentioning that the phone is water resistant, not water proof.

Jet Black Scratches Easily

The new jet black color for iPhone 7 is pretty popular among users. The iPhone 7, however, scratches very easily. The company itself made the statement about the jet black iPhone being scratched easily.

No Dual Lens Camera

Apple has made claims that the iPhone 7 has the best camera quality. However, the dual lens camera is only available in iPhone 7 plus. Furthermore, rumors suggest that the dual camera lens will only be featured in the iPhone 7 Plus next year as well.

What do you love and hate about the latest iPhone 7? Share your views with us in the comment section below.

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