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7 Signs Your Heating And Cooling Systems Need A Repair

Most homeowners neglect or don’t always give their HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system many thoughts until it completely breaks down. Regular maintenance is essential for an HVAC system as it is that which regulates the temperature in your home, making it comfortable for living. 

A periodic checkup like those provided by Aircor Air Conditioning and Heating Chicago, at least twice a year or every start of a new season will go a long way in assuring its functionality. 

But how do you know when to call in a professional service for your HVAC systems? That is the purpose of this post. Also, I recommend RMS Heating and Cooling.

Below are the 7 signs that your heating and cooling systems need repair. 

Sudden Increase in Utility Bill 

We all know that an HVAC system is the largest consumer of energy in the house but when there is a sudden or unnecessary increment in your utility bills, you should understand that this is a sign of malfunctioning. You need to schedule a call to professional repair to help look into the issues. 

Unusual Sounds 

A normal HVAC system should be as low as possible. You need to know how your HVAC system sounds when it is working as this will put you in a better position when it starts performing badly. There are some commonest sounds you need to pay attention to which signifies your heating and cooling systems need immediate repair, such are clanking, whistling and groaning sound. 

Unexpected Power Loss

If all of a sudden your heating and cooling systems shut down due to a tripped breaker, this means there must be a great electrical problem that needs prompt attention. This could be life-threatening to your home and family members. 

Foul Odours 

Any foul smells or unusual odors shouldn’t be left unattended. If you smell any unpleasant smells, it may mean that your heating and cooling system needs to be clean to maintain the health of the systems and that of your family members. Also, if you smell anything like a burning smell while the system is working, switch it off immediately as this may be due to overheating or some electrical problem. Call on a professional to have a go at the system as failing to do so may be too fatal. 

Reduced Efficiency

One of the best ways to know your HVAC system needs a prompt repair is when its services greatly reduce. The system is unable to regulate the temperature of the home or take too long before it can achieve the desired temperature, then this is a great sign for immediate repair. Situations such as cold or hot spots in the house increased in utility bills without any prior adjustment on the thermostat require a quick call for professional servicing. 

Low Airflow 

If you noticed your heating and cooling systems blow less airflow and with no force than before or there is no air coming out from the vents. This means there is a problem with the blower and a broken blower can not regulate the temperature of your home. Also, if you notice the system is not dehumidifying your home i.e not removing moisture from the air, then it needs a prompt repair. 

Malfunctioning Thermostat 

If you notice your system thermostat doesn’t work well and you have checked to see if it is not a battery problem, then you need a professional service. The thermostat is the regulator that controls the system on how much and when to work, and if broken can cost a lot of money.

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