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7 Photo Editing Apps You Can Actually Use

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We live in a world where photographs play an integral part of our daily life. The trend of clicking a selfie every time you want to make a statement, or even capturing the perfect moment when you are traveling with loved ones has now become very convenient with the use of Smartphones. However, there are times when you wished that certain pictures that you clicked could be enhanced in some way or the other to cover up the flaws and make the picture look perfect. Thankfully, today there are a number of photo editing applications that you can download on your smartphone to edit pictures and use them any way you want.

Whether you want to create a perfect collage of certain pictures put together, or whether you want to simply brighten up a picture, using the right photo editing app will definitely benefit you. There are a number of applications available on the Play store as well as the Apple I store for you to download and use, but you are a 7 of the most interesting photo editing applications that you can use.


Snapseed is one of the most popular photo sharing applications that you can use to edit pictures and enhance them any way you like. This is a very easy to use photo sharing app and it is perfect for people who are just starting out. While this app is available on Android and IOS devices, there are a number of people who often wonder Is there a desktop version of Snapseed and if you happen to be one of those people then you will be glad to know that you can download the app on your computer as well making it convenient for you to edit a photograph using a largest cream rather than something that is small.

This application comprises over 29 tools as well as filters that work on various picture formats including PNG and JPG. You can either choose to manually edit a picture or use some of the automated tools that are present in this application for you to edit. Whether you want to smoothen the surface of the skin or change the eyes to make it brighter, all of this can be done with simple yet effective solutions that are provided with this application.


This photo editing application is quite impressive. Pixlr comes with over 2 millions different kinds of combinations, designs, filters and effects that can help you to enhance your photographs and make them look as beautiful as you would want them to. Whether you want to fix the red-eye problem, add a layer, or simply make a collage of some of your favorite pictures you can do it very easily with this application. One of the best things about the application is that it is available on almost all operating systems including iOS, windows, and Android making it easy for you to edit irrespective of what device you have.


If you are a professional and you need a more defined photo editing application then Camera+ is something you need to consider getting on your phone. This is the only paid application that you will find on the list, but the reason it is worth spending money on is that it comes with advanced features that make it a breeze to edit your photographs. A professional photographer finds this application extremely beneficial. One of the stands out features of the application is the stabilizer mode that helps you to sharpen photographs and ensure that they are well aligned. One of the major problems that people face while clicking a photograph is that it is not aligned properly and this affects the picture in more ways than you can imagine. With the stabilizer, you can get straight pictures even if you have an unsteady hand.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe PhotoShop has been one of the most popular photo editing application that you will find on desktops, but did you know that the Photoshop Express is one of the most impressive applications that you can use on your mobile phone. It comprises of high quality editing features and auto-fix tools that allow you to change the picture for the better. This app comprises of some interesting frames that you can use to create pictures that look more beautiful and standout. This is an easy to use application that comes with over 20 sellers that help you to enhance and edit pictures just the way you want.


If you are looking for a user-friendly photo editor application that comes with a convenient sharing platform then VSCO is an interesting application for you to try. It has over a hundred free as well as paid features along with some interesting editing tools that allow you to create pictures that a strong and stand out. These images a beautiful and can be used to share on your social media platforms ok and even find a place in the family album.

PhotoEditor by Aviary

This photo editor is a user-friendly and fun application to use. It comes with some beautiful stickers and frames that allow you to cover up a background that you were not very impressed by. You can also use some cosmetic fixes that allow y

ou to remove blemishes from the skin or even whiten the teeth in an image. The application allows you to automatically share these pictures on your social media platforms making it convenient for you to edit and share whenever you want. This is a fun application to use and is very popular among youngsters. The app can be downloaded on Android as well as iOS devices.

Camera 360

If photo editing is something that you enjoy doing on a regular basis, then Camera 360 is an application that you must try. Apart from allowing you to edit and cosmetic changes to certain features, you can also create collages, animated effects and even short videos with your photographs.

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