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7 Inexpensive Security Options To Keep Your Home & Workplace Safe

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Security is a major concern for people when it comes to their homes or offices. Safety is the first priority as it should be. In this age, where privacy has become a major issue, there are plenty of security options that people are going for. Here are some inexpensive security options that can keep your home and workplace safe.

1. MECO 1080P Rechargeable Home Security System

You can simply get a CCTV camera for your home or office that will record everything. There are different varieties of cameras available in the market with added features and extra price. One of the cameras is the MECO 1080P Rechargeable Home Security System which consists of a wireless battery-powered camera. You can also check out the CCTV video resolution comparison chart to find out which CCTV camera is of good quality and make an informed decision.

2. Fortress Security Store SO2-A Security Kit

This security system can alert you at once on the detection of any intruder. Homeowners have the option to call the system from their mobile phone so they can listen in around the house regardless of their location. If you want to increase the protection and security, you can add additional sensors for windows and doors along with motion detectors. You can buy it for just $120.

3. Digoo Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm

Available for $50, the system has a wireless remote that allows you to activate or deactivate your alarm for all sensors. You can also get push notifications on your smartphone. There is also an automatic timer so you can activate the alarm even when you are not at home or your office.

4. Thustar Home Alarm Security System

Available for $96, this system consists of 10 window sensors, motion detectors, a 110db siren, and four remote control keychain units. It can provide the immediate protection of your home and office needs. Setting up the unit is easy and can be done within minutes.

5. SABRE Wireless Home Security Burglar Alarm Set

This system is one of the most inexpensive options that are available to you right now. This home security system has bare-bones packaging and does not sacrifice its level of security.  The alarm is loud enough so it can be heard from a long distance. There are also suggestions for the users on the placement for the best results.

6. Fortress Security S02 Basic Security System

This security system is available at Amazon for $100. This is a security system that is easy to set up and provides 24/7 security monitoring. The system consists of wireless sirens and sensors for home protection. There is a keyboard that is wireless.

7. COOWOO ST30 Professional Wireless Smart Home Security System

Get this system for $50 from Amazon and you will not be disappointed. This security system offers protection with the options of voice control on iOS and Android. It is easy to install and can support more than 50 sensors.

Get the security system that you like from this list and stay safe!

Author Bio: Taylor Starc is a student of software technology, in his first year at Columbia State University. His obsession with security gadgets and new technologies has made him research more and more on the respective topic. In his free time, he likes to take up writing projects to support his education. He regularly writes blogs at https://mammothsecurity.com/blog/.

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