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7 Incredible Reasons to Cycle an E-Bike

Lady on an E-Bike

When most people think of electric scooter bikes, they think of convenience and energy efficiency. There are those however who feel like E-bikes are a way of cheating since they require less physical activity than manual bikes. Well, we’re here to tell you that choosing an E-bike is not cheating. 

E-bikes are similar to regular bikes since you still have to peddle and burn calories. In fact, research shows that you could burn up to 80% calories as you would burn on regular bikes. Furthermore, we daresay that they are even better since they are easier. But that’s not all; here are other reasons why you should cycle E-Bikes

1. They Help Extend your Cycling Distances

On a sunny day, being outside can be one of life’s most fun and soothing activities. With an E-bike, you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors without worrying about the impact on your legs. As such, A small journey can become a mini-adventure that lasts a little longer than expected. Get an e-bike to enjoy long-distance biking and enjoy more views and attractions than walking. 

2. Improve your Cycling Ability and Fitness.

E-bikes are a great way to get started with cycling for exercise. Of course, you might not be getting an e-bike for exercise, but this will come as an added advantage. If you’re worried about keeping fit, however, they are an excellent choice as bikes such as the Himo z16 involve pedaling which burns calories almost as much as a manual bike. Better yet, you’ll be more inclined to work out since you have a boost when you’re extremely exhausted. 

3. Less Expensive to Operate than a Vehicle or Motorcycle, and Public Transportation

Do you commute every day to work? How about an e-bike? Although an electric bike is more expensive than a traditional pushbike, when compared to the cost of a car, the difference is negligible. More so, if you’re a car owner and commute every day, you are well aware that it is not the most cost-effective mode of transportation. 

Public transportation can cost anywhere from 10p to 30p per mile whereas an electric bike’s battery can be fully charged for as little as a few pennies. This could take you up to 30-90 miles depending on your bike and battery. Evidently, the deal is more than sweet when it comes to cost!

4. No-Hassle Commuting

If you commute on a daily basis, you may find yourself wanting to be somewhere other than in your car, on the bus, or dealing with train delays on a regular basis. That fantasy could come true with an e-bike. 

Cycling to work is in fact a terrific way to get extra activity into your day. You’ll find that you’re more alert and ready for the day when you arrive. Simply check out the National Cycle Network map to see if you can find a new way to get to work.

5. Wind and Hills will No Longer Be a Problem

One of the most dissuasive reasons for not cycling is the prospect of cycling uphill against the wind. An electric bicycle almost completely eliminates this problem. Simply use your electric motor and you’ll have a much easier time navigating those slopes. In addition, you’ll get some envious looks from individuals who are battling with a manual bike.

6. E-Bikes are Safe to the Environment 

Electric bikes have a lower environmental impact than cars and other modes of transport. As such, if you’re an environmental steward, an electric bike could be a great alternative to driving. This way, you will have complete control over the battery because you charge it yourself. This way, you can control how you charge the battery whether solar-powered or otherwise.

7. It’s Safer than you Might Imagine

When compared to a typical bike, having an e-bike can make traffic crossings feel a lot safer. You might also notice that you’re more aware of your surroundings because you won’t be spending as much time with your head down or standing up to gain speed. Another advantage of riding an electric bicycle is that you’ll be more aware of the sounds around you than you would on a motorcycle or scooter.

Final Thoughts

With all factors considered, e-bikes are better than walking, manual cycling, motorcycles, vehicles, and even public transportation. Get yours today and enjoy their convenience!

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